Does Your Kitty Grab Your Leg When You’re Feeding It?

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Does Your Kitty Grab Your Leg When You're Feeding ItWhen Trigg was younger, as you would put wet food in his bowl he’d grab your leg with both paws. He’d also do it as you walked the food over to where you put it down on the floor. He no longer grabs your leg, but does rub against you weaving back and forth with rubs until you deliver the food on the floor.

So, does your kitty do this? Charlie, Caymus, Murphy and Rags never have or never did. It’s what makes Chiggy so quirky and obviously in Chiggyland!

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  1. one of mine doesn’t do anything, one will rub against me and keep walking in front of me and one stands up and acts like i’m the scratching post. he meows and stretches out. he does that as soon as he hears me opening a can. he loves his wet cat food. he doesn’t do anything if it’s dry food. he also goes lu lu if i have cat nip and he knows it.

  2. Hi, Jenny!

    How cute that must have been having Triggy grab onto your leg like that…. Our Miss Pink Sugar doesn’t do that. But she does sit on the end of the dining room table (the side that’s closest to the bin that we keep her food dish on) and watch while we put the food in her dish. She likes to supervise! 🙂

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂 <3

  3. I just received my ragdoll Cindy Lou (I call her LouLou) from Bluegrass Rags. She is a retired queen and she is 7 yrs. old. It’s totally different from adopting a kitten or younger cat. She had never seen a television before. She had only the company of other Ragdolls. It is slow going getting her accustomed to the fact that she now has her very own human and that everything she sees is hers and hers alone. I love her, she is so sweet and affectionate. I am most fortunate to have her and since I am retired now I had lots of time to work with her. If you have any thoughts on how I might help her please let me know…I don’t except her to play like a kitten, but she does not have much interest in any toys. One thing I love about her is that she lets me sleep late in the morning. She is so sweet, if I am up too late at night she starts fussing at me (tiny meows) to get me to go to bed. I love your videos.

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