Does Your Cat Visit You While You’re Going the Bathroom?

Chiggy Toilet God
Chiggy Toilet God

Post originally published Dec 30, 2011

All the cats I have lived with in my life, have always come in for pets when I sit down to go the bathroom (BEFORE I WIPE) – so don’t be grossed out by petting my cats!

I know this is normal Ragdoll cat behavior in our household, but is it in yours?

So it begs the question, do your kitties come into the bathroom when you’re going to get pets?

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65 thoughts on “Does Your Cat Visit You While You’re Going the Bathroom?

  1. Carole Morin says:

    Always!!! No matter which bathroom I use. They are not ragdolls but a cat is a cat. One is scared of us but not in the bathroom! I tell them “I don’t sit beside you while you’re in the litter box, why should you?” But it doesn’t work…

  2. LyAnna says:

    Yes! My Nym(eria) does that all the time. If it’s in the morning or when I come back from work, she’ll jump on my lap and ask for pets. If it’s during the day she mostly lays down waiting or jumps in the thub. I actually have a few toys in the bathroom to keep her entertained. She also stays there while we shower.

  3. Vickyp says:

    Every time I go to the bathroom for anything I have company. Boston will sit on the toilet lid when I am drying my hair so she can get her fur blow dried. I also need protecting from the bath mat monster every time I have a shower, you should see the bunny kicks that take place during that process.
    Boston will often use her toilet if I am going to the toilet, she likes to stick her head out of the hood and watch me, some people would consider it creepy, I just think it’s cute.
    The cutest thing she has done was join me in the shower not long after I got her, couldn’t understand why the shower curtain was moving. Looked down and there she was sitting in the shower with me.

  4. Shirley says:

    Our Bathroom isn’t that big and it gets even smaller when Milo our Ragdoll boy, Ollie our rescue and the 2 dogs one a poodle and the other a bichon/griffen cross decide to stage a sit in with me in the bathroom, i am not allowed to close the door or Milo panics and scratches the heck out of the wood, so if anyone other than family is in the house i have to push the sit-ins out the door and shut it or someone is going to get an eyeful.

  5. Abbie Kester says:

    My girl Serenity follows me into the bathroom and hops into the sink and pees in it haha. So I created and printed out a kitty newspaper and taped it on the wall so she had something good to read lol

  6. Lyn Johnson says:

    I thought I was the only one! My kitty (12 weeks old) visits me when I’m on the toilet. I keep my bathroom door open, but always close the toilet lid when I’m not using the toilet. I have a shower in that room, and I keep the glass shower doors closed.

    She wants to get in the guest bathroom tub, which I’m currently using to store things, since I don’t use the tub. I’ve had to keep that bathroom door closed, because she’s too little and can get trapped in the tub.

  7. Allison D says:

    All of my cats do this. The best game is to catch the cat paws while sitting. They slide their paws under the door and I try to grab them. If the the door is even a slight bit open they will paw their way in to get some pets. However, as in true cat fashion, the minute they are in and the door is closed, they are meowing to get back out.

  8. shelia love says:

    Oh Yeah! They make a sweep and if I don’t reach down to pet them…they will make another sweep around till I do !!! I have 4 kitties so it’s like a little kitty freeway as soon as I sit down 🙂

  9. Donna says:

    My cats do this too I have a full ragdoll and 2 x raggies and they all accompany me, just me no one else in the family maybe they see me as their mammy too.

  10. Patti Johnson says:

    lol – What a great question! 🙂

    Yes, Pink Sugar loves to hang out in the bathroom whether it’s shower time or just going number 1. She usually lays on the rug at my feet or explores behind the bathroom door and plays with her little “fetch toys” (little pipe cleaner toys I make for her) that she brings in with her. (She likes to push the flat pipe cleaner toys under the bathroom door from one side and then go behind the door and push it back out under the door from the other side. Then she’ll reach her paws under the door to see if she can bat it around from behind the side of the door she’s at…. Hilarious.)

    (I always close the door for the other number, ahem. – She’ll carry on on the other side of the door for a few minutes and then settle down to wait, in that instance.)

    Big Raggie Hugs!

    Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂

  11. Leanna Steward says:

    Yes, It gets rather crowded with 9 or 10 of them in there though. If I shut the door before they get in I will have all of them setting and trying to look under the door. Can’t a girl get any privacy? LOL, not with Ragdolls around.

  12. Teresa says:

    This is so funny! Love your humor Jenny!!!! Yes, both my Ragdolls and my Maine Coon, so I have plenty of company. They also follow me everywhere else as well, no matter which room I’m in, they follow, so it’s not just the BR. Even when I get up in the middle of the night and they are sleeping, they still get up and either stand there patiently waiting with one eye or no eyes open, or they flop down on the floor and just lie there until we go back to bed.

  13. Lynn Freeman says:

    I swear Nolte mimicks everything I do If i’m on the computer she behind me on her cat tree. If I go to bed she’s right there with me. If I go to the bathroom she does the same. It’s a ritual. I wait til she’s done. She walks toward me and I check to make sure there are no clingers. I guess it’s a girl thing. She wouldn’t dare go in the bathroom with my husband. And she knows she doesn’t go in his bedroom. It’s off limits. She knows she’s my kitty…..we have a close bond.

  14. LC says:

    When he was just a baby, my now 13 year old, Ollie, had always jumped on my lap each morning as I was seated; this was part of his morning routine after he heard the alarm clock and then followed me in – like clockwork. It was darling. He does not do this now – as you know – Ragdolls can be big boys on the scale.

  15. Janet Knowlton says:

    Yes! Our new 13 week old kitten absolutely wants to be there!!! I have been drilling into the men in my house to watch out because the kitten is right there ready to jump in! I actually had to put a sign up to close the lid!!! It is interesting when one has to wipe and watch the cat at the same time! You have to do that very very quickly!

  16. Mike says:

    All of my cats, no matter the breed have always come to chill out with me and want pets while I sit on the can. For some reason they don’t do it with my wife. Its pretty funny actually. My two females are shy when they go to bathroom, but my males aren’t at all. Ironic.

  17. Cheryl says:

    Haha this post made me laugh….my two raggies will not take no for an answer…..if i dare shut them out the bathroom they will meow, jump at the door shove their paws under the door and frantically try and open it! doesnt matter what they are doing they will stop everything and follow me to the bathroom the wee man is still a kitten and is fascinated with the toilet and will put his front paws up on it and try and peer in….EVEN WHILE IM ON IT! No privacy at all anymore but i wouldnt change it for the world. 🙂

  18. Coinneach says:

    Oh Bast, yes. Charlie-the-Girl follows me and headbonks my shins, then Angus-the-Walruscat follows her (and feels the need to investigate my shorts, WTF CAT). Only Maisy-the-Persian-Princess is too dignified for such shenanigans.

  19. Cindy says:

    When our Ragdoll was three months old, he followed my husband into the bathroom and while my husband was standing up, the kitten–um–jumped up and tried to attack his “flow”! He ended up with a sopping wet head!
    (I just literally laughed out loud remembering this) We had to give the poor little guy a bath!

  20. Lorraine says:

    Evil Girl has a morning ritual. She beats me to the bathroom so she can perch on the vanity and wait for me to get done my business. When I brush my hair she gets brushed also (she’s got her own brush) she then takes a drink from the faucet whil I brush my teeth. Its been 6 years and it never gets old.

  21. joe marks says:

    Yes Merlin & Magic will provide us with cat, “Secret service protection ” whenever my wife or me use the bathroom… If we close the bathroom door, they will let us know that it MUST be opened!!. I think we will buy them secret service sunglasses and ear pieces!! LOL

  22. lrunning says:

    I’m so glad to hear this is not an unusual behavior as Emily insists on accompanying me to the bathroom and will even try for a lap-sitting session! If I close the door she lays prostate on the other side and slides her paws under the door begging to be let in. She will also sit on the back of the toilet and rest her head on my shoulder to look adoringly at me- melts me each time!

  23. Kathy says:

    Our Ragdoll Tinkerbell ALWAYS goes into the bathroom with both me and my husband, I think it is because she knows that she has a captive audience! Another trait that I have been noticing is that she thinks that she is a “seeing eye cat”, all I have to do is start to get up from my chair and she is there to lead me – either to the kitchen or where ever I go, she leads me!

  24. Patricia says:

    I have not gone to the bathroom alone since I purchased my baby 2 months ago. He not only followes me there, his litter box is near the toilet and he always goes to the bathroom with me when we get up in the morning.

  25. Sue L. says:

    My Ragdoll Molly does the same thing as Betty’s. Ever since she was a kitten she would jump into the leg of a PJ bottom, jeans, etc. and flop, start purring, and looking so adorable! This continued until she started getting too big. Now that she is three years old, she will still try on occasion, but it’s just awkward, so her new favorite thing is to bite /chew on the ties of my bathrobe, PJ bottoms, etc. We play tug-of-war and she loves it. This is followed by letting water trickle out of the faucet so she can have a drink. When she first started this bathroom routine as a kitten, my husband, rather embarrassed, told me what she did, not knowing she had been doing the same with me! No matter when, day or night, this is the routine. Her two year old Ragdoll sister Daisy is always there watching us, but Molly is the one who has always established routines in the master bath. Daisy is extremely vocal and will request her bathroom game in a guest bath- I throw a small wad of crumpled up paper into the tub and she chases it or tries to catch it. When Molly was a kitten, my husband left the bathroom door open a bit and as he described it, he saw her come running and then fly three or four feet right into the toilet (bottom half only)! My girls’ breeder, Mainely Country Ragdolls, put my email describing this on her website. Never a dull moment with these adorable girls!

  26. Joan says:

    My 10 month old Ragdoll, Nicky, will always come in the bathroom when I am in there. He likes to sit on the edge of the tub until I’m done with whatever I am doing at the time. The other day when I was taking a shower, Nicky decided he wanted to come in the tub with me. We don’t have a shower door, just shower curtains, so he jumped down in the tub while I had the water running. The water hit him full force when he landed and he made a very quick exit from the tub. Since then, he has been really careful about what he does in the bathroom.

  27. Mika says:

    I’m thrilled that my Mr. Darcy(doodle dandy, mommy’s Ragdoll Candy) is among a great many that just have to go into the bathroom with their people. From day one Darcy followed us in there and had the same routine, trying to peek in the commode while we used it as if he in an inspector, but he ALWAYS runs to stand on his hind legs and peek in to the toilet when we would get up to flush and wash our hands. He would stare then when he got done gave me the okay to flush now glance XD

    My mother and sister were caught by surprise when he darted in there when they came over and used the restroom. We all think it is hilarious. Since he has kitty pals now, so about a month and a half ago he hasn’t as much as before He also just lays on the floor by the door, tub or our feet, or gets in the tub to lay down or sip from the tap, or just walks up and looks at us til were done. My Ragdoll years ago loved the tub and walked the tub sides if I was taking a bath.

    It cant be just a Ragdoll thing because I looked after 2 kittens years ago that would yowl to come the bathroom with me and they would pull at the door if I forgot to let them in.

  28. GlamKitty says:

    Oh, and I forgot to mention… it’s totally hilarious (and a trifle embarrassing) when he does the same thing to a complete stranger. 😀

  29. GlamKitty says:

    Yep! If the door isn’t quite latched, he stands up and pushes his way in, then either sits on the floor and watches me (oh, joy, LOL) or jumps on the counter next to me and asks for some “sinky-water”. If the door is completely closed, though, he’ll sit outside and paw… and paw… and PAW on it, crying (demanding?) to be let IN.
    Doesn’t matter what my object is in the bathroom, either… it’s the same if I’m washing my hands or face, getting ready to hop in the shower, or putting on my makeup. For Boomie, Bathroom = Together Time (and it was the same with my first Ragdoll, too). 🙂

  30. Ling says:

    My past roommie’s cats used to follow us into the bathroom too, one would immediately hop into the sink and lie there until we were done. The other would jump onto the side of the tub and tentatively try to get into our laps but eventually chickened out and settled for pets on the head.

  31. leanne says:

    My Rag doll bella has always followed me to the loo and other members of our family sometimes she just sits near by other times she uses her sand tray while Im on the loo bella has recently delivered 9 kittens we kept a boy similiar to her he also follows us to the loo and sometimes uses his sand tray.

  32. JLSW says:

    Yep, all of ours take the opportunity of a captive audience to get scratches and rubs. Our bathroom is ridiculously small, and when you are sitting on the bog, your knees touch the tub. Each cat has a different approach. Binkley, our Main Bathroom Security Officer, comes in and jumps right into the tub and alternately rubs on the faucet and comes to get scritches. Adam jumps up on the sink and heads for the window, where he likes to sit to survey his backyard territory. Artemis, the Supervisor, just walks in and flops on the rug to my left, with his tummy exposed and ready to rub. Fidget, while he doesn’t understand the allure of the bathroom, follows the others in and tries all three approaches to get attention. I, because of having cats all my life, never close the door completely. My husband does. The cats have accepted that dad just isn’t any fun and ignore him when he uses the bathroom. He IS kind of a stick in the mud, but he gives crunchies and changes the butt sand, so we let him stay.

  33. Karen says:

    Yes, my Ragdoll kitty Mulsanne will come from the other end of our house when he hear’s someone is up in the morning tinkling. He reports in and says good morning, gets his rub and maybe a kiss or two and then off he goes as quickly as he arrived, leaving us to finish our business.

  34. Beth says:

    No cat will tolerate a closed door, for starts 🙂 They believe it’s their duty to save us from drowning – whether in the bathtub, commode or sink! Some like to play in or drink running water; some like playing in the empty bathtub. Some carefully walk around the rim of the tub. Some fall in once and never again. Some fall in several times and never learn. Some like to bat bubbles. A bathroom without a cat would be a very lonely place. If our bathroom weren’t so small, I’d put a litter box in there 🙂

    • Betty says:

      You reminded me of the time our first cat ran across the top of a full bathtub – getting only her pads wet. I never understood how she managed it. It is such a good memeory!

      • Beth says:

        Betty, many years ago we lived in the southwest and had a swimming pool. Bathing my cat Trouble was a dangerous three-person job so we tossed him in the pool for his rinse. (Reverse osmosis, no chlorine, perfectly safe for him.) Like your kitty, Trouble literally walked on water!

        Check out Jenny’s videos of Ragdolls swimming on this site – they are SO cute 🙂

        Happy New Year!

        • Betty says:

          I have watched them – many times. I have imagined bringing my Andy into a pool…but no. He is not as easy going as Jenny’s guys! He cries mercilessly when I absolutely must bathe him! He is definitely a roll-in-the-mud kind of guy. I can just see Trouble running across the pool’s surface & escaping dry on the other side! They are so funny. Thanks for sharing his story too.

          • Beth says:

            Trouble sunk when he first went in (hence the rinse) but he swiftly rose to the top and broke speed records getting out of the pool. He was not of the passive Ragdoll nature… 100% tuxedo alley cat and tough as nails. That’s why we opted for the “Quick Rinse” technique instead of spending more time with his bathes!

            I love sharing kitty stories here! Don’t we all? 🙂

  35. Lisa B says:

    OMG Yes my Sergio just loves to come into the bathroom. I just thought he was a little strange but I am glad that I am not the only one in the world. Actually if I am not wearing socks he plays with my ankles by flopping on my feet and the play biting my feet. But when I have socks on it never crosses his mind. I never thought of the undivided attention thing so that makes purrfect sense… I just love anything he does anyway.

  36. Torry says:

    Yes, ours does this too! I thought it was just something strange that only he likes to do. It’s nice to know that other Raggdolls do the same thing!

  37. carole huggins says:

    My Puff’nboots has been my escort from the day I got him[12weeks]….liked to sit in my jeans on the floor. Now he appears all sleepy-eyed from where ever to ”loiter” and hear what I have to say. Problem is he now brings my Shepard and Lab with him! That is me and over 200lbs of critters in a small biffy…..I LUV IT!!!!!!

  38. Shadie Kaye's Mom says:

    OMG yes!!! When you have toddlers they will whine, cry, even scream if you go into the bathroom alone. My furchilds are even worse … meowing, scratching, screeching and paws up under the door, more meows. They have a special vocabulary for this … totally heart wrenching

  39. Cheryl says:

    All our critters head for the bathroom…it can get crowded with three cats and two dogs. Our ragdoll, mocha, always jumps up on my lap when I sit on the throne….it’s weird and funny. She purrs her head of while I….er……take care of business. 🙂

    • carole huggins says:

      I thought it was just an unusual behavior that my kids were hooked on! It is wonderful to know that bathrooms all over pet world are crowded and happy!!

  40. Betty says:

    Andy (the only raggie) pushes in & uses his litter box…every time. Oscar has no interest. Felix is a funny one. He always follows my daughter and me (not at the same time) into the room – or pushes the door open if one of us gets in before he realizes that is the destination. Once in he lays down on our laps. If we have sweatpants or pajama pants on, he climbs down, head first into the pant legs and curls up for a nap – or a ride. I have always blamed my daughter for teaching him this behavior – but maybe its not her fault after all! Years ago I had a cat, Katie, who used to follow me everywhere – including into the shower.

  41. Tiffany Tenhoff says:

    Casper always follows me into the bathroom and will like my legs while I go to the bathroom or when ever I’m getting out of the showing. Its kind of weird bur very funny.

  42. Sandy Wuerch says:

    Oh YES!
    We have Potty hounds here also :O)
    If they are not lying on the side of the tub for a good bubble bath, they have to go
    see what we find so interesting in this room.I never mind …but the Hubby on the other hand is not keen on them watching him and then trying to stick their heads in the toilet at the same time…LOL
    Following the men to the Potty is NOT always a good idea if you want to keep DRY ears!!!

  43. Billie R says:

    Yes! In fact, I think it’s been years since I’ve been in the bathroom by myself and if I dare shut the door, they paw at it until I open it. It’s ok though, I love petting them. My dogs come in too.

  44. Barbara says:

    Oh, yes, they follow me into the bathroom, roll around on the rugs and stare up at me for attention. Not only Ragdolls do this. My Calicos do, too.

  45. Ingrid King says:

    It’s one of the few places where they have our undivided attention….

    Allegra and Ruby watch me get ready in the morning and evening. They trade off sitting on the vanity.

  46. Eunice Loo says:

    Mine does! It always make me chuckle to see Macky trotting or galloping in to the bathroom just because he knows I’m there and captive to his demands for a rub or a pet.

  47. Abby Normal says:

    I am not a Ragdoll, but I believe it’s imperative for me to follow my person to the bathroom. Sometimes I just sit at the rug at her feet. Other times I hide behind the toilet, or inspect my own bathroom area. Often, I pace back and forth right in front of her on the bathtub. Occasionally, I get into the tub and flop around. It’s important!

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