Does Your Cat Talk to You?

Does Your Cat Talk to You?

My older brother used to have full-fledged conversations with our Ragdoll cat, Rags.  Now I do it with my parents’ cat, Murphy.  I posted this video last night on our YouTube channel of one of my conversations with Murphy.  He wanted treats – but we were going to go for a walk.

Do you have conversations with your cat?

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6 thoughts on “Does Your Cat Talk to You?

  1. Sylvia Mohr Bartlett says:

    We are Ragdoll parents-in-waiting, but we have had (over the years) two different Birman purebreds from the same breeder and they were both talkers. This is a trait in Birman’s…so much so that our first Birman who was a male, his registry name was “Something to Talk About”. We called him Talky for short. Both Birmans loved to held like a baby, does every one understand what I mean when I say that? And I would dance around the room crooning, “Let’s give them something to talk to talk about.” Talky loved it.
    My second Birman baby, Zaureen, (both were blue points), won two ribbons at the cat show where we went to pick her up from the breeder, so her I would dance around chanting “Zaureen, Zaureen, the Beauty Queen; the prettiest kitty I’ve ever seen!” I made that up for her when she was first with us and it was still her rhyme when she passed away unexpectedly in November.

  2. Norette Mackler says:

    Yes, Ollie will talk while I’m feeding him or when I come home, but especially when he thinks I’ve been gone too long . He talks to me other times & I would love to train him to say hi to people, any tips ?

  3. plmcat says:

    yes i have always talked to all of my cats. some would talk back and some wouldn’t. i’m weird and i feel that they know a lot of what we say, we just can’t understand what they say beyond the basics. animals are not given the credit for all that they know. they know much more than we do.

  4. Patti Johnson says:

    OMG! That video of your conversation with Murphy is adorable and hilarious!!! Soooo cute!!! What a character he is!!! Beau (I see him as a “Beau” rather than a “Bo”) is a great conversationlist!!! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

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