Does Your Cat Play When You Change Your Bed Sheets?

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Changed my bed sheets last night, which made me want to address this again.

All of my cats have always played in the sheets when the bed is being changed/made.  But, does your cat play when you change your bed sheets?

Here are some videos I have caught in the process, and yes, I encourage such behavior.

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  1. Mai Tai does Every single time I change the bed. She hears me taking the blankets off and Just a moment in, I can hear her tiny pitter patter coming towards my room (If she isn’t in there with me already) she jumps up into the bed and begins to roll around lol! I just make the bed with her in there…eventually she falls asleep or crawls out. It’s really cute. I can hear her purr under the blankets! Love my kitty!!

  2. It is a wonderful time when the sheets come off. They run under them while I fluff them up and over top of them. They love to hear is and love to jump and hide and chase each other. One of the best “toys” available!

  3. All my 3 love to help me with this task so I always allot plenty of time lol. I know this is off the subject to ours also like to eat and play with mine and my daughters hair; does anyone else’s ragdoll do this??

  4. One of my cats runs in when we start putting new sheets on, and lays in the middle of the bed, wants us to make her into the bed. She tries to get in before we put the fitted sheet on, so I always have to move her off because she’d be stuck under it! After that I let her if she wants to jump back on, and she’ll stay there while we cover her with the top sheet and the blanket. Silly girl. Sometimes she plays with the sheet but usually she just lays there so we cover her over. It’s funny because she doesn’t normally like to go under the covers.

  5. Cricket loves to “help” when I change the sheets. She likes to be made up in the bed too. She likes it before I put the bedspread back on because she can peak from under the sheets.

  6. A friend of mine had 4 cats and when he would have to change the sheets…not that often since he was a bachelor…he’s station the vacuum cleaner in the doorway…Never had a problem with the kitties bothering him while he changed the bed. LOL

  7. Every cat I have ever had has done this. My male, Neo, ends up falling to sleep after he’s all tuckered out. A little while later, his sister, Seven, jumps on top of the lump under the sheet. It’s too funny to watch and cracks me up every time to see the expression on her face when she does it! She’s smaller and less aggressive, but she takes her advantages when she can. Love my Raggies!

  8. My little “girl” Ragdoll, Pandora, will come running from anywhere the minute I start to make the bed or change the sheets. She has a ball hiding under the sheets or blankets and diving under the pillows.

  9. You betcha! We play “peek-a-boo” with Pink Sugar every night as we get the bed ready for sleeping. She loves to be under the covers. She doesn’t stay there very long if we climb into the bed, though. She loves clean sheet day as there is so much to explore as we make the bed! lol

    So cute!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂 <3

  10. Yes this is also definitely one of Mr Darcy’s favorite games. Doubles the bed making time but we have lots of fun.

    Also, my shower is over the bathtub. Mr Darcy loves when the shower curtain is pulled all the way around, to hide in the bath and then bat the shower curtain, especially where you tap it.

    Do other raggies play with the shower curtain?

  11. Definitely- this is a favorite game. As others have said, it doubles the time it takes to put sheets on the bed, but it’s well worth it. I have some holes in sheets as proof of how much Emily loves to play as I’m putting on clean sheets. When I put the fitted sheet on, she runs from corner to corner as I fit the elastic around the mattress. She also loves to be made up in the bed and then drags herself out of there with all kinds of static on her fur!
    Great subject!

  12. Every single time! But then, Loki helps me with every single thing I do! Leanne, he likes to play with the shower curtain and in the tub after I take a shower and will often station himself on the edge of the tub in between the shower curtain and shower curtain liner during the shower.

  13. OMG, yes. I have to allow extra time on sheet changing day for this reason. This really cracks me up. I don’t deny Sophie or Jedda this fun time.My cats rule the house. you might say they have me right where they want me, under their paws!! my raggie dolls are the best.

  14. Katy and Kirby especially like the day I change the sheets. Kirby runs all over the bed and chases every corner until I am finished and then lies down until the last cover is placed so he can find his way out. Most of my cats have always like to do this.

  15. Changing the bed linens is the one household task that kills me, keeps me down for days. Part of this is due to the fact that I have helpers. As others have mentioned, playing in the sheets is major fun for kitties. Even Jolie, who enjoys nothing, enjoys playing in the sheets.

    But I’ve had to hire a housekeeper once a week so that I can do the things I want to do. She changes the bedding. Izzy hides 🙁 and Jolie sometimes helps, depending on her mood. I miss playing with kittenish lumps under sheets and blankies and feather beds; they miss it, too. I know my limitations, though. So I try to make it up to the grrlls by throwing quilts over the couch. It’s not quite the same as boinging a fitted sheet and flying straight up in the air :(.

  16. Jazzy LOVES to play with the sheets! He hides under the sheet and I play “where’s Jazz?” He loves trying to catch my hands. This past weekend, he got under the quilt and wouldn’t come out! We played at least 15 mintues before I finally had to finish the bed. He helps with other things too. Jazz loves to help wash dishes (he plays in the water), helps when I swiffer my hardwood floors (either riding the Swifter or chasing it!)and when I fold laundry (in the basket trying to sleep on the warm clothes). He’s my little buddy who doesn’t leave my side while I’m home. He even follows me to the bathroom! I have a new Ragdoll kitten arriving in two weeks so it should be fun to see if he likes the same things.

  17. Every cat I have ever had has loved playing in the sheets while the bed is being made- every one! I love to play with them this way, too, and I definitely encourage it as well LOL I’m not sure what it is about this that makes them completely nuts- maybe it’s the motion of the sheets? I have made complete beds up with cats under the sheets and covers when they refuse to get out! I used to routinely have a lump under my covers which sometimes stayed there for hours. Silly cats! Seriously, I enjoyed watching your vids, Jenny.
    Many of my cats also loved to lay on clothes right out of the dryer and walking through mountains of dirty laundry while it was being sorted for washing, too.

  18. My Gussy loved helping me change the sheets, he would zoom in under when I fluffed um up and roll all over chasing my hands just like your baby’s. and then after the bed was made and done he would run like a maniac all over the house meowing until I sat down and held him like a baby because he was all worn out. Lol

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