Does Your Cat Like to Snuggle With You?

Last Updated on October 18, 2016 by Jenny

Does Your Cat Like to Snuggle With You?

I just made the above YouTube video the other day, which makes me want to share this post again.

My Ragdoll cat, Rags never really snuggled with me – and my Ragdoll cat, Charlie only does it when he kneads and this is a new thing – he started doing it when he turned 5 years old.  He didn’t do it before then.

Ragdoll Cat Charlie Snuggling

Trigg, however, loves to snuggle (on his terms and when he wants to), simply for the purpose of snuggling.  And has done it forever.  When my sister stays here when I am out of town, he will also snuggle with her.  And I WISH I could get a video of the way he jumps up on the bed when he is ready to snuggle.  He jumps with such joy and determination of his goal.  It’s like an announcement, “HELLO HUMAN!  I am here to snuggle!”

Ragdoll Cat Trigg Snuggling

Does your (Ragdoll) cat snuggle with you?  Do you have other kitties?  Do they like to snuggle with you and with each other or just with you?  Charlie and Trigg do not snuggle together – although I am sure Trigg would, if Charlie would allow it.

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31 thoughts on “Does Your Cat Like to Snuggle With You?

  1. Kate Atkins says:

    My two year Rags, whois a female doll, does not like to snuggle, allow me to pick her up, or nuzzle between my legs. Part of the reason we got a Ragdoll, as our previous experience with ones that always let you pick them up, and they flopped inplace.

    We have a 6 year old black rescue, and the two year old Ragdoll (both females, spayed). My Rags girl, Stella Bella, is reticent to let me pick her up. Occasionally will sleep on my bed if there is a tummy blanket. I would love for her to not run from me when I need to pick her up. Ideas? Love Floppycats!

    • Christy says:

      I’m no expert so take what I say with giant grains of salt!

      First I would stop trying to pick her up. If you go toward her and she hides, runs away or otherwise communicates that she doesn’t want to be picked up, don’t do it.

      Find a treat that she likes and when she comes toward you give her a treat. Don’t try to pick her up and if she doesn’t like to be touched, don’t even touch her. As she starts to trust, try creating a small trail of treats towards you but again don’t cross her boundaries. Put a treat in your hand and let her smell it if she wants. If she’s curious when you come in the house with stuff (mail, groceries, etc.), and wants to smell, let her smell.

      As she is reliably getting physically close to you offer your hand for her to smell. If she doesn’t want to, that’s okay. Keep trying. When she’s comfortable with that use a finger to give her a quick chin or check scratch. Just keep building her trust there.

      Encourage her to jump up on your lap. Put a blanket over your legs and put a treat on it. When she jumps up don’t immediately touch her. Just go slowly. When you feel she’s reliably jumping up and you can give a chin or cheek scratch, try picking her up and giving her a quick chin/cheek scratch and immediately put her down.

      Play YouTube videos of birds and turn the volume up. See if she comes over and is interested. Point to your screen. Try it more than a couple of times. If she comes over and really wants to see, she might allow you to pick her up to see. Pay attention that as soon as she wants down, she gets put down.

      My cat likes to be held against my chest, and he’s shaped like a “c”, with his head under my chin. He likes for me to hold him like a baby on his back and he lolls his head back ONLY if I’m in my desk chair or standing. He absolutely hates when I hold him like that on the couch or any other chair.

      My cat came here as an adult ‘rescue’ and did not trust me to touch him let along pick him up. I just let him be, tried to pay attention to his cues and slowly built trust. Turns out, he’s a pretty big cuddler, of course being a cat it’s all on his terms! I have had to give him medicine at times and that is a nightmare. His trust was so depleted he would barely come out of hiding. I did the above steps to regain it.

      On Facebook, I’m sure there are much smarter people than I there and you’ll surely get loads of great advice!

  2. Teresa Reid says:

    That is the CUTEST video ever! All of you are just precious. Love seeing Chiggy pushing his head up under your hair. How adorable! Thanks so much for posting that. It really made me smile and sure do hope you are feeling better by now and that cold is gone.

    Well, am happy to report that things have changed a lot since last year. Miss Gracie turned 5 in June and has become a lot more affectionate. This has been a gradual thing for about the last six months and now when we go to bed, she will flop down almost on top of my shoulder with her swishy tail covering my face, wanting me to rub her. Then she gets really affectionate and purrs, drools, and begins to try and lick my hair (I don’t allow that because of hair products), but give her lots of praise, hugs and kisses for doing that and hoping she will do it more. In fact, she just flopped down beside my shoulder right now and am having to remove her fuzzy tail from in front of my glasses!

    Miss Illaria turns 4 next month and has also been bitten by the sweetness bug. She was so elusive when she was younger and it just broke my heart because she is so fuzzy and cute, but she would get downright indignant, sighing and humming if I wanted to hold her and kiss on her. In the last year, she matured a lot. Really believe that Ragdolls do fully mature at 4 years old cause both she and Gracie began to change around that time. She follows me everywhere and never lets me out of her sight. When I go in the bathroom, she is right there and demands to be held on my lap. She wants her chin scratched and will purr loudly rubbing her chin on my face. Every night when we go to bed, she starts down at the foot and works her way up right beside Grace who is at my shoulder. They both stretche out with all fours up in the air right beside me all night. Love, love, love rubbing those soft little bellies and kissing those little paws while they are sleeping! Illaria will snuggle with me now too. Having both Illaria and Grace right beside me in bed every night is a dream come true that took 50+ years in the making. Went from being a young girl longing for a cat, to being so blessed to have these angels to love. So, never say never!

    Mariposa – OK, she still occasionally will lie at the back of my legs. On a very rare occasion, will wake up to her purring and lying right against me, but as soon as she knows I’m awake, it abruptly stops and she moves! Not kidding. It’s as if she can’t allow me to know she cares! Silly girl! She must know I’m writing about her cause she just brought me her fur mousie with that special call of “wha, wha, wha,” that she does to signal that she has something special for me, so I got out of bed and picked up the mousie, and praised her for finding it. Now she is on the opposite side with her face to the window! Will never give up trying with her, maybe one day!♥♥♥

  3. Gale says:

    Diva will sit on the arm of the couch and lean against me if I am busy. If I knit, tat, bead, she will lie close but not touch. When I cross stitch, she gets close but let’s me lean over the frame. But as soon as I put it down, no matter what I am doing, she lies on my lap or sits there and asks to have her rub, from the tip of her nose, across the top of her head and down to the tip of her tail. She stays way from my face usually except to plant a kiss on my cheek, as if she knows I am allergic.

  4. ABarletta says:

    Jen, a viewed these photos of you and your babies this a.m. again. Boy am I jealous. The look on all of your faces is one of pure love and contentment. God bless you all.

      • Patti Johnson says:

        I agree with Annette! How lucky are YOU to have your Major Snuggle Bunny (Chiggy) and Kneading Machine (Charlie-mancer)! I’m hopeful since Charlie didn’t start his needy kneading (see what I did there?) until age 5 that perhaps Miss Pink Sugarbelle will do something along the lines of Kneading Snuggling eventually. There’s really been no change since my original comment when she was 3. She’s now 4 and is much more affectionate overall but doesn’t do the kinda snuggling I envy in your pics!!! Ugh. I would LURVE to have Miss PSB joyfully jump on our bed with a determination that says “HELLO HUMAN! I am here to snuggle!” 🙂 <3

        Big hugs!

        Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  5. Denise Schultz says:

    Robin, a 10 month old rescue ragdoll mix, is also a half snuggler. When I go to sleep, no dice (I think I move around too much early in the night). But I always wake up with her in my arms <3 <3 <3
    What a way to start the day. She is such a great cat. Glad to find her, glad to find you all.

  6. Patti Johnson says:

    Awesome photos and great post, Jenny! We have had other kittehs in the past who were regular Snuggle Bears! However, Miss Pink Sugarbelle is very quirky when it comes to snuggling. She’ll lay between our legs when our recliners have the foot rest up and she ALWAYS has one rear foot propped on top of one of our lower legs and one front paw touching one of our feet. Sometimes she’ll crawl as high as she can get between our legs and curl up and rest her head on the top of our inner thigh and look back as if to say “Scratch me under my chin & tickle my ears, Human Slave.” (And we do!) 🙂 <3

    I hope as she gets older that she will snuggle more in bed with us. She does jump on top of my hubby and make bread on his tummy. She will jump up on my side to check if I'm okay if she thinks I'm sleeping too long. But that's about it for now. 🙂 <3

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbear 🙂 <3

  7. Christy says:

    Looking at those pics makes me jealous!

    Prossimo is not a smuggler but I’m hoping one day he’ll decide he is. He sometimes wants to curl up in my lap – I have to be in a certain chair, with a blanket over me and he has to decide to jump up. I usually don’t touch or pet him because that accelerates his trajectory to sleeping to agitated – he thumps his tail, puts his ears back and then turns to look at me while giving me an angry meow. I can’t figure that one out at all!

    Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and he’s curled up near my head but never snuggled. He’s started climbing on me while I’m in bed and kneading. At night before he jumps up in his cat tree (where he sleeps the majority of the night), he is purring like mad and wants lots of pets.

    The one snuggle-type behavior that he has developed in the last 6 months or so is he has a particular way of rubbing against my legs when I’m sitting that signals he wants to be picked up. I hold him kind of in a “c” shape with his head below my chin. I can feel his body completely relax and he’s quite content.

  8. Pat Davidovich says:

    I googled “lap cat” and Ragdoll popped up. My first Ragdoll, Zaky, is not a lap cat!! Occasionally, he will give me a few minutes of being beside me and I am grateful for that! At night, he will lay by my legs in bed, always just out of reach. I can hold him briefly, especially if I am giving him a chin/neck rub. He purrs loudly for that! He will do somersaults for a belly rub! He is just two, so I am hoping with age, he will become a lap cat, like my other three cats. Zoe, a calico, is my real cuddler!! Paris and Chi Chi groom each other and cuddle together.

  9. Rex Powell says:

    I have a little girl who is 7 yrs old. She has just started to cuddle in the past 6 months. She was a rescue kitty and had a bad beginning.Now what I have noticed is in my years of raising domestics are the females seem to cuddle more than the males do. This could be part of their mothering instincts, I don’t know. But I’d like to hear from more of the female Ragdoll owners.Is it a sex thing or a breed thing? We did have a part Ragdoll female that could not get enough cuddling, but we lost her at the age of 16.We are now looking to get a Ragdoll kitten. If anyone knows of a good
    breeder in Western Pa, let me know.

  10. Teresa Reid says:

    So cute Jenny! Little Illaria came and rubbed her head on my arm the other day and turned upside down and rubbed all over me. She will be 3 next month. Grace sleeps beside me but doesn’t really snuggle. Miss Mari curls up at the back of my legs when I’m lying on my side. That’s about the best I get right now and keep hoping that some day, they will start to snuggle like Trigg does to you. Just so precious.♥♥♥

  11. Patti Secreto says:

    I did have a Ragdoll who was such a beauty. She went to the Rainbow Bridge 2 years ago. She blessed us with her presence for 16 years! She did love to cuddle with us! All of our cats have always slept with us. But she loved to cuddle! She loved to get in the middle, right in between of my husband & I & she loved to go under the covers! 🙂

    Currently we have two Maine Coons. The female does like to cuddle. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning she is right there on the pillow with me! Or she likes to be up against me lying right up alongside me. 🙂

  12. RagdollCatMom says:

    Dusty is the ultimate snuggler – he likes to be as close to me as possible, especially when he can get under the covers with me. He will stay with me for as long as I stay still. Stormy is a drive-by snuggler. Sometimes the mood just strikes him, and he jumps up and says here I am, let me knead you while you pet me. About 5 minutes and he’s gone. Denali is much too restless to be a snuggler! He likes to be picked up and carried around, but rarely jumps on my lap. All three boys snuggle with each other at varying times. Dusty and Stormy or Dusty and Denali can be found snuggled up together a lot. Every once in a while I find all three snuggled together. Stormy and Denali never snuggle together on their own – Denali is such a bully and likes to pick on Stormy, so they merely tolerate each other.

  13. Josette Walsh says:

    Koko is a half snuggler? He cuddles, but doesn’t really snuggle, per say. When I recline in bed, he gets on my lap, and lays on his back all sprawled out. Calvin however is a true snuggler, especially with his “daddy”. Often my husband will end up with a neck warmer when he’s sleeping. Koko prefers sleeping next to my hip at night, and loves sleeping underneath the blankets, especially during the day, when I’m relaxing I’m bed. As for the cats snuggling together…if they ever stop fighting long enough to snuggle, they do…and when they do, it’s rare, but absolutely adorable.

  14. plmcat says:

    first off.. those are such great photos jenny. all of my cats are snugglers. of course it’s on their terms. my orange cat wasn’t a snuggler in the past but since i got them off the dry food, he is now. and lately they seem to trade off on who is going to initially go to bed with me and snuggle. they are all there in the morning but one of them will go to bed when i do and want to snuggle. they will do it on the couch too but like i said.. on their terms. that’s fine with me, i’m just happy that they do it. i think it must be like people. some people like to snuggle, some don’t and it depends on the day, the mood and if they want to. chiggy looks like he is a wonderful snuggler.

  15. ABarletta says:

    Sebastian, my almost/maybe floppy cat, does not snuggle. He sits close by and if I get too close he inches away. Very gentlemanly, but definitely lets me know I have gone over the line. Although last night, I was feeling poorly and had some saltines by the bed for nausea. He got really close too me then and licked all the salt off the crackers!!

  16. Ruth Paulson says:

    pewter is a quintessential ragdoll. He is our first ragdoll and 7 months old. Everything I read about ragdolls was true! I could verify all of it very soon after his homecoming. I work nights as a nurse and he sleeps with me during the day. Infact he sleeps with us in the bed at night to. I call him “purr ball” because he is so affectionate and engaged with me constantly. I would call him a totally co dependent cat or a true therapy cat. He is more dog like than any dog I’ve ever known. He follows my every move . Including a middle of the night bathroom trip. He snuggles but moves away 12 inches to sleep. My ragdoll is one of the very best things that ever happened to me!

  17. strikersmom says:

    My baby is not a snuggler at all. He likes to be near me but not touching. He likes affection, on his terms. And picking him up is ok but only if he is held upright and I move around so he can see things. He is very sweet, and smart, and quite a character. A wonderful companion! But noooo snuggles, lol 🙂

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