Does Your Cat Like The Mailman?

Post Published on February 16, 2011 | Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

Trigg Waiting For Mail 2-9-11
Trigg Waiting For Mail 2-9-11

I’ve often heard that Ragdolls aren’t cats, but are dogs.  When it comes to our daily mail delivery, Trigg is more like a dog than a cat.  I have a home built in 1940, so the mail is still delivered to my front door and drops into my house through my mail slot.  So Trigg stands there and waits for it to drop in – and I mean, runs as fast as he can when he hears it coming.  It really is the cutest thing in the world.  Too bad I work in my basement and cannot always be up there to see him do it – but when he does, it’s so darn cute! 

I wondered if your cats did the same.

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12 thoughts on “Does Your Cat Like The Mailman?

  1. Lu Norton says:

    I don’t think my cats care about our mailman. But my Peppermint always knows when I’m coming home. My husband told me that as soon as I park at our driveway, Peppermint will be dashing from our loft towards the front door and will sit there patiently to greet me. We have a neighbor who have a cat and also loves Peppermint. Her garage is right next to our house. Every time she leaves to go to work every morning, Peppermint will rush to our window and watch her go. My neighbor said she loves seeing Peppermint and always wave at him. She thinks that Peppermint is waving goodbye to her. He’s so cute.

    • Ling says:

      My roommate’s cats were able to differentiate between her footsteps and other tenants. They even learned mine. I used to sit in the living room with them and watch them laze around even though they heard footsteps, they would only perk up and be on alert when they heard my roommie’s footsteps and as the footsteps drew nearer, they quickly approached the door and sat a couple feet away to wait for her to enter through the door. They would do this to me too so we always had to open the door slowly lol.

  2. Melody says:

    That is such a cute behavior and kind of funny too! It is amazing to me how animals can tell the difference between footsteps and to whom those steps belong to.

  3. Betty says:

    Our mailbox is outside of front door but when anyone rings the bell, Felix growls and runs to the door! I don’t know if he is protecting us or is annoyed at the interruption in his day. (He is nice to whoever is on the other side of the door).

    Our Raggedy Andy is always waiting to escape and has begun to cry at both the front and garage doors. I don’t let him out in the front (traffic) but he is always so thrilled when I let him into the garage. When I remember to let him in – in 5 minutes or an hour – he always purrs like crazy and zig-zags around my legs in greeting. I think his “trip” makes him glad to be home!

    • admin says:

      Growls and runs to the door! Hilarious! If you ever get a video of it – please share it. That’s cute about Raggedy Andy – Charlie is like that with the back door. Speaking of which, he didn’t get to go outside today, so he’s upset.

  4. Darcy B says:

    I live in an apartment complex—mailman delivers to a mail room — we never see him. The ups man is here often and my kitty has no problem with him he knocks normally and waits for me. My kitty growls at everyone else—he hates the delivery company Amazon uses they are all kids and they stomp up our stairs and pound on the door–he tries to keep me from opening the door for them. Poor kitty thinks he is responsible for protecting me when my husband isn’t home–he sits at the front window and growls at everyone he sees. As soon as my husband comes home he is curled up next to me.

  5. Rebekah C says:

    We live in a pre-war co-op building in NYC, so our mailbox is in the lobby of our building, but our ragdoll Taro loves to run to the door whenever he hears our neighbors in the hallway, either my husband or I coming through the front door, or when we are getting our dog leashed up and ready to go outside. As soon as we open the door, WATCH OUT—cause he loves to run out into the hallway and explore!

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