Does Your Cat Like Ice Cream?

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Trigg eating Ice Cream
Trigg eating Ice Cream

Trigg Dean loves ice cream. He’s the first cat I have ever owned that likes ice cream.  He actually likes sugar, I think.  He licks honey too.  I wanted Rags to like ice cream – but he was so picky with food.  Charlie isn’t terribly interested in ice cream – but Trigg literally waits until you are finished eating to lick up the remaining drops.

Does your cat like ice cream?

…and yes, I know it’s not great for him – but I don’t let him have it regularly and not a lot when he does!


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  1. Mine like ice cream too. I’ve only given him vanilla. ( I know chocolate is toxic)
    He likes anything creamy, like a bit of cream cheese or mozzarella/provolone cheese.
    He goes nuts over Reddi-whip! When he hears the pshhht sound of it coming out of the can, he comes running.

  2. That is so hilarious. Ours doesn’t seem to like it, or anything dairy, but I do know all the neighbor cats across the street love yogurt (fruits and all.) Not sure if they’ve tried them on ice cream. Yeah, the cats are supposed to not be so tolerant of dairy, but a tiny taste can’t hurt, right?!

  3. That’s interesting and I would say maybe he likes the texture itself, not the taste? Since I have seen it being stated on several occasions on several webpages, that cats in fact can not feel the taste of ‘sweet’.

    It is quite a controversial topic, because some say that cats’ diet naturally did not contain anything that would be sweet (as in sugary sweet), thus they did not need those kind of taste buds that are able to let them feel this taste. On the other hand though, many people have cats who adore sugary sweet things, to this it could be said that they are slowly evolving another gene that could make it possible for them to feel the sensation of sweetness (because it could be also said that today’s house cats are so-called “special bred little mutant descendants” of their once wild ancestors and they do differ from each other in a number of things already).

    I tend to believe that the “taste of sweetness” itself can be pretty subjective, especially if we consider in how many things animal species can differ from each other. Bats can hear ultra-sounds and bees can see UV lights. So maybe when a cat tastes something that is referred to as “sweet” by us humans, they feel something different. Maybe they react to the absence of salt or who knows.

    It surely is something that I find thought-provoking :).

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