Does Your Cat Like Human Food? Let’s Discuss!

Does your kitty eat people food?

I went to dinner with my parents and my sister the other night, and the grocery store is in the same shopping center – so we walked to the grocery store after dinner . My sister needed to buy some groceries, and I saw that a slice of marble cake was 50% off because it was getting ready to expire.  I said to her, “Look! Cake for Chiggy!”  She smiled and offered to buy it.

Truth be told, the cake was for me – but Chiggy can’t resist icing or frosting on cake.  He is my first cat that really is into people food.  I lived with a boyfriend’s cat, who liked people food – but Rags, Caymus, Murphy and Charlie have never really gotten into people food.

Chiggy likes:

  • icing/frosting on cake
  • ice cream
  • Skinny Pop White Cheddar popcorn
  • cheeseburgers (just meat and cheese)
  • Chicken inside of Vietnamese Spring Rolls
  • Cheetos

Of course, there might be other things he likes, but those listed above are things I eat on occasion.

I took this video of Chiggy licking his icing when I got home.  Of course, I say in the video that Charlie will show no interest in the icing and then he does!  Geez.  Cats.

So share in the comments below – do your cats like people food?  And if so, what kind of people food, do they like?

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6 thoughts on “Does Your Cat Like Human Food? Let’s Discuss!

  1. Ruth Marbert says:

    I’ve read several places that cats can’t taste sweet things. So I’m wondering now if that is true after seeing Chiggy go after that icing! My Charlie will eat tiny bits of cereal that may end up on the floor, but not much. I let him have tiny bits of fried chicken crust, but he’ll eat only a couple of small pieces and then is not interested. We did not want to start any kind of feeding from the table, so have not tried giving him much people food at all. I loved watching Chiggy go after that icing! I may try it on Charlie just to see how he reacts! Thanks for the video!

    • Jenny says:

      I know – I am not sure on the sugar thing – as he also like ice cream – but it could be the diary in both? Or the fat in both?

  2. LLA1 says:

    My cat Tobee eats meat which he likes plain, no spices or anything. He sometimes eats canned whipped cream and ice cream . He drinks water out of anything. I even set up a photo of him drinking out of a fancy tea cup on a saucer.

  3. Patti Johnson says:

    Great topic, Jenny! Awwww, Chiggy has a sweet tooth! Adorable video! I see nothing wrong with giving him his sweet treat now and then since he’s so healthy and never has any adverse reaction to it. So funny that Charlie suddenly became so interested in the icing. LMAO! Just like kids. Will always do the unexpected… 🙂 <3

    We don't give Miss PSB any people food because she just doesn't appear to be interested in it. Which is the first time we've had a cat not interested in any of it. We don't keep a lot of sweets in the house because my hubby has a giant sweet tooth and he will gain weight just looking at cakes and donuts and I am diabetic so those carbs I try to avoid at all costs! *sad face*

    However, we have had past kitties who lurved people food and would get little treats of people food now and then. Sweet Sora (RIP dear girl!) lurved to eat pieces of KFC meat. She also lurved to lick the inside top to a Wendy's Frosty (that her daddy would give her, of course it had to be shared with our dogs, too!). 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

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