Does Your Cat Help You Pack for a Trip?

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Trigg helping me pack
Trigg helping me pack

Every cat I’ve ever loved has always liked to help me pack for a trip. …and I’ve always wanted to bring them with me (as leaving them is always the hardest part when leaving town). Does your kitty help you pack for trips?


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  1. He most certainly does help me pack! I always have a nose, an ear, a piece of whisker under my hand while I am packing! 😀 Now that I think about it, even when I am not going anywhere he helps me pack 🙂 I also believe in one of his previous lives Phineas was a successful interior designer, he seems to always know better what would be the best place for the objects in my flat than me.

      1. Yes-yes he has a lovely off-centered blaze and an even cuter split-in-almost-half colored nose! 🙂 That is him in the photo at around the age of 3.5 months!

  2. Yes, they help me pack and then they help unpack by digging through the bag when I get home! And leaving them behind is the hardest part!
    Andy has adopted one of the reusable shopping bags as his house tote. He goes in and someone carries him around the house in it or drags him across the floor. He purrs so loud in there!

    1. yes, charlie and trigg have to smell the entirety of my bag when i get home – and i want them too and i help them do it and talk to them while they do it because my aunt has had ragdolls that pee in her suitcase before and after she returns! yuck!! so i want to make it a pleasant experience for them. yes, leaving them behind and being away from them is miserable.

      that is so cute about andy – reminds me of what i did with rags when i was a little girl.

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