Does Your Cat Have the Fever to Scratch? Brawny Cat Has a Solution

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Caymus on the Brawny Cat Big Baby
Caymus on the Brawny Cat Big Baby

When it comes to creating the perfect cat products, Brawny Cat doesn’t mess around (in case you couldn’t tell based on the name!). They provide elegant, comfortable cat scratch loungers that are big enough for just about any cat. Not only do they provide enough room for different sized cats, but these loungers are also custom-crafted. This means you’re not simply waiting around for one to get off the assembly line and possibly have defects.

As far as the Brawny Cat Scratch Loungers go, you’d be hard-pressed to find better cat scratch furniture, and we mean it. The designs of their products not only keep them from standing out as an eye sore to house guests, but they are actually done in such a way that they seem to blend in with most other furniture. The “Big Baby” Comfort Lounge model even provides storage space within the furniture so that you can keep a healthy dose of catnip in there or even your feline friend’s favorite cat toys.

What’s important here is that Brawny Cat’s loungers give you a whole host of options when trying to pick out the right fit. They offer a few different choices for how you want your lounger to look. Some of the color choices are beige (a more neutral tone that will match most homes) and red (this is a sleek version of the color – not too dark, not too bright). Make sure when you’re looking into the Brawny Cat products that you make sure to check the sizes. You do not want to purchase a lounger for a 7-lb cat when you’ve got 15-lb. Big Ralph over there looking at you like “Mom/Dad, where’s my lounger?!”


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  1. Hi Jenny,
    how are you? I have a 6 month old female blue bicolor ragdoll named, Gracie, and I’m on the list for another ragdoll from the same breeder with a different Mama cat. The breeder told me that it would be better to get a male kitten now since I already have a girl, but the problem is the mama cat who recently had her litter of 7 had only one boy and he had health problems and didn’t make it and has passed away. So there are 6 girls to choose from or I can wait for another litter that has a boy. Is it always true that a boy and girl get a long better, or can two girls get a long fine? I really want a seal mitted and this litter has them, and if I find a nice docile girl, I would want to go with her, but am worried about my ragdoll Gracie who will be close to a year by the time the new kitten can come home. What do you suggest? Thanks Jenny.


    1. Evie,

      I don’t know of two females not getting along. I have two males, so I am not sure why two females wouldn’t work. It really depends on the personalities, I think rather than the sex.

      There’s no way for me to be able to suggest anything without knowing your cat, the kittens, your home, etc.

      However, I have posted your comment on Facebook to see if others might respond about their experiences with two females to see if that’s helpful at all –

      Please let me know what you end up deciding to do!


    2. “Docile” seems to be what you’re looking for, regardless of gender. So that may be a question to ask the breeder.

      Until recently, I had one male Ragdoll and three female tortie/torbie socialized semi-ferals. Two of the girls, sisters, hated each other until the day one died at 18-1/2. The third, two years younger, is a peacemaker and has never met a cat she doesn’t love and protect. (Humans are another story.)

      William,(Dementia Boy, my Ragdoll), has lived with both males and females and, until the cognitive dysfunction kicked in, got along with everyone. But he’s never expressed an interest in being alpha cat when that particular slot has opened.

  2. These scratchers are so beautiful! Would love to get the Big Baby model one day! Loved watching the video with a 10-month old Triggy! How cute! He’s so beautiful! (Partial to those blue lynx Raggies!) Lurved the picture of Charlie on the Big Baby model, too! He is ONE BIG BABY (just like our Pink Sugar girl)! lol 🙂

    Thanks for the great info! I have the Big Baby scratcher on my Wish List! 🙂 <3

  3. Plastic or no plastic, Trigg’s going for it. Priceless.

    I LOVE the marketing for this product. “Brawny Cat”–a big, tough, swaggering, street-fightin’ thug. Then “Big Baby,” which our Ragdolls are. The catnip in the chewin’ tobacco-type tin completes the picture.

    I’ve never had a scratcher (gasp!!) So I’m torn between this and the Infinity one. I have one place left in the house for a cat something-or-other, so I’m reserving it for a scratcher.

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