Does Your Cat Have A Louie’s Box?

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If not, what's stopping you from getting one? Louie's Box is an eco-friendly box that your feline friend will absolutely adore. How do we know? The creator's own cat is who the box was originally designed for, Louie himself, and he most definitely approves. This project began after a Kickstarter campaign for the product that successfully raised enough money to turn it into a reality.

Louie's Box is sure to keep your cat happy and entertained, and at a cost less expensive to the environment around us. This happy-go-lucky play box is made of cardboard that is durable, yet extremely lightweight. We all know how much cats love cardboard when it comes to cat scratch furniture, so it makes sense to design a toy out of it. This is what Louie's owner kept in mind when coming up with the idea. Louie's a huge fan of shoe boxes and paper bags, which unfortunately leads to quite a few messes. The idea with this box is that it provides the same satisfaction that cats get out of paper and cardboard without being easily destructible – essential for the perfect cardboard cat scratcher.

On top of its functionality, Louie's Box just plain looks cool. Resembling a tiny yellow submarine, it's sure to keep you and your furry friend impressed – him/her with its awesome texture and peepholes cut out of the side and you with its cute design and how much amusement your cat gets out of it. It'd be hard to find more perfect cat products out there.

Check out Louie's Box today, and you can even receive a 10% discount for being a Floppy Cats user. Make sure you enter the discount code “FLOPPY” when you check out.

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