Does Your Cat Drink Water from The Faucet?

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Does your kitty drink water from the faucet?  My Rags always did and he then trained Murphy how to do it (Caymus was never interested).

Charlie shows interest in water to play with it, but will not drink it – I attribute this to the fact that he is on an all wet food diet and isn’t interested in water. Rags was on a dry food diet the majority of his life, so he was always needing to drink to make up for the difference in moisture in his diet.

Here’s a video I snapped when he was 18 drinking water from a faucet:

Of course, by the time Rags was 18 he was in early stages of renal failure, so his thirst had also increased tremendously.

If your cat drinks water from the faucet, how did it start? What is your cat’s diet?


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  1. for the longest time, my rag Dexter would drink, but only after he went through the motions like he was covering up stuff in the litter box. he mainly wanted to get the water to ripple and then would drink.

    now, he just dunks his paw, licks it, dunks it again. now, i have a water bowl that plugs into the wall and has a filter built into it. makes a waterfall. cats seem to love it and Dex no longer dunks the paw.

    i have a video of it 🙂

    1. Dexter is wonderful! I watched his tumbling movie, too. Who is the big orange kitty drinking in the first video? I have a long-haired orange girl, Baby Mew, with all the Ragdoll characteristics except color and markings. Is your orange kitty a different type of Ragdoll?

      Thanks for posting the videos 🙂

      1. Dexter is my 22 pound ragdoll of love!

        handsome boy is going to the vet tomorrow though. he developed an owie on his nose and it spread a little today. his vet made an appt for him tomorrow at 730 am.

  2. So sweet seeing another video of Rags!

    Seems I’ve always had cats that drink from faucets or play in the water. Right now the spigot of choice is on the bathroom sink. (Some before preferred the bathtub.) I think Sammy Mouse and Holy Tara enjoy the playing as much or more than the drinking.

    My kitties have dry food available all the time, canned/wet food twice daily, and treats about as often as canned food.

  3. Addendum: Sammy, like Trouble long ago, also puts a food in the water dish or milk glass, and drinks out of his paw. Sammy does this in the sink, too – pats the water and licks his paws.

  4. All the time. My cat even begs for it. He always has water in his dish, but its the only treat that I can ever give him that he’ll always go for. He also loves the water from my brita pitcher. I can never poor myself a glass without him running or trying to steal my water. That’s just Brody. Casper gets baths so he isn’t interested at all in water. It actually makes him run when I turn in on for Brody. Which is kind of funny because he only gets a bath when he make a complete mess of himself in the litter box.

  5. Ziggy was a faucet drinker since he was 4 months old. He prefers only one faucet in the bathroom. He will drink from a bowl but only the bowl near his beloved faucet. He will lead us to the faucet or hop up and wait for someone to turn it on for him. He has been doing this for 11 years. It is his primary source of water and he loves to drink. While he does have some renal issues and has for a few years, this guy has always been a water-lovin’ fool. He’s a big guy at 17 lbs (Maine Coon/Tuxedo) so when he jumps up to the sink or down from it, there’s a thump heard around the world.

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