Does Your Cat Change Their Sleeping Spot Seasonally?

Last Updated on September 8, 2021 by Jenny

Murphy and Caymus
Murphy and Caymus - Cat Sleeping Spots

Where does your kitty sleep? Have you noticed that she or he sleeps in the same spot in the summer, but not in the winter? I remember Rags did this, but I haven’t had Charlie and Trigg long enough to tell yet.

My parents’ Ragdolls, Caymus and Murphy, sleep in their beds at the top of the stairs – but in the winter, Caymus can be found often behind the couch in the library or under the dining room table.

Please tell me where your kitty sleeps and if they have a seasonal sleeping spot!

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8 thoughts on “Does Your Cat Change Their Sleeping Spot Seasonally?

  1. Tel-Aviv's feral cats says:

    I had a cat called Milky who liked to sleep in the bathtub or sink in the summer. It was so funny! She was white and very fluffy, a Persian, and she’d look like a fluffball curled up in the sink.

    She also used to sleep in an empty shoe box with her chin hanging over the side, until the bigger cat, Angel, started imitating her and slept there too, and he tore the box apart because he was a huge cat, 8 kilos. Not so fat, but mostly just very tall and long. A real wildcat.

    Now my feral cat Hazelnut loves sleeping on my bed all day. When wake her to claim the bed, she attacks me and growls. I carry her out of the room while she wraps around my arm, digging her teeth and nails in.

    My Amiga sleep on the sofa, and sometimes in a cardboard box that I padded with a heavy blanket, and my Princessa sleeps in her cats bed. Chocolate-Paws sleeps on the sofa, too.

  2. Lisa says:

    Hi all,Well Murphy Buggins ,Buggins a cute name cause he likes to bug his Mama alot sometimes in a cute way.But anyhow he changes sleep spots on aweekly basis.I work night shift but Dads always home with him at night,he still pouts even at 17 months old when I leave to work at night hes made me late lots a times anyhow he likes hard surfaces or a back support.He adores me follows me around ,but when I am home on my 3 nights off he will still sleep in the tv room with my hubby right next to him I think he prefers that cause Dad naps late into the night with tv on.And for Mom its all lights out.MY Husband says hes scared to sleep with me cause I snore too loud huh huh.But anything else its all about following Mom and Playing etc.Hes a funny one will send a photo when I figure out how on my computer.Hes an interesting little bugger we really enjoy him.Bye All Lisa

  3. wendyknits says:

    Lucy changes her spot from time to time, but it does not appear to be seasonally. At the moment she sleeps on a big pillow at the foot of my bed. The pillow was my “sit up in bed and read” pillow and when I’m ready to sleep, I’d toss it down to the foot of the bed. Lucy has claimed it for her own so I no longer have a “sit up in bed and read” pillow. 😉

  4. JLSW says:

    Artemis becomes a hunk of floor loaf when it’s summer, or he sleeps on the clean laundry in the basement. If it’s colder, he is a hunk of lap loaf. Binkley sleeps on the heat register in the winter and in front of the AC vent in the summer. Adam has no change in his sleep spots regardless of the season. Fidget likes the top of the cat tree or next to my husband. Daddy is Fig’s favorite person!

  5. GourmetPens says:

    Mine certainly have sleeping spots that they favor. They seem to change based on how tired they are when they are standing where they are. Although given how hot it is right no, I wish they wouldn’t insist on cuddling at night. I don’t have the heart to put them out of the room though… so I just lie there, overheating with two giant fans on me. LOL. Tyco also loves sleeping on the tiles – either face planted or on his back with his paws in the air. Can’t blame him, with all that fur.

  6. AMD says:

    Yes!! Eleanor sleeps curled right next to (or partially underneath) the radiator during the winter. In the summer she’ll just sprawl out belly-up in the middle of the floor. During the summer months very bright afternoon sun comes through our bedroom window at about 6pm, and both Eleanor and Diggory enjoy sunbathing there every day.

  7. Lisa Barsalona says:

    Sergio seems to change his spot quite often. I am not sure if it changes with the season or just because I found his spot and know where to find him when he is missing…LOL But I will pay attention. He has changed from the closet to my spare bedroom to the sunroom under a chair. The only thing that I do notice is that he usually doesn’t lay in the sun often. Probaby because he is too hot with all of the fur??

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