Do Your Kitties Play in Your Bed Sheets?

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I think playing with sheets is pretty standard with cats – but maybe not. Here are a few videos that show you what Charlie and Trigg do with bed sheets (these were recorded on May 19, 2010, so they were also much younger!) – when we make the bed, of course. And hopefully it will give you a good smile on a Friday!

What do your kitties do with bed sheets?

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  1. Making the bed every morning is the highlight of our morning! Tinkerbell loves to “help”! She runs to the bedroom, ok Mommy let’s make the bed now! She goes under the sheets, then between the sheets and comforter, running and jumping and then when we are all done (lumps and all) it is time to play “where’s the mousie?” My bed always looks like it has been slept in just after it is made!

  2. Leonardo is a terrorizer of buttons on pillows and even the sewn-down spots on an exposed mattress. He thinks something is in there. My sofa pillows have no buttons now, he considers those prizes.

  3. Love those videos Jenny. Wish I was a good videographer like you are but can’t hold still long enough! All our kitties, Mari, Grace, and Illaria love, love, love playing in the bed sheets. Little Illaria being just 8 months old now, loves to crawl up under the comforter from the floor and get inbetween the sheets and comforter and run around like a crazy kitty. Sometimes it can be really painful if I move my feet and then she enjoys attacking them with her teeth.
    Their favorite time is changing the sheets and it seems like they just go wild when they see me beginning the process. Illaria and Grace do what Charlie & Trigg do almost exactly. So wonderful to see them so happy and playful at something so simple.
    Mari who was a rescue and didn’t trust anyone (cat or human) has made great strides this last year (she has been here for almost 6 years now), and has been taking part in playing that she used to view as aggression. Her new favorite toy (and Grace’s) is nothing but a simple grosgrain ribbon that came on a Christmas package. She has started flipping in the air doing it. So great to see her finally letting go and having a good time even if it took her 6 years. Sorry for the length, but love the subject of playing and just wanted to share. Does anyone else’s kitties love ribbons?

    1. i can’t believe Illaria is already 8 months old. Yes, changing the bed sheets is what charlie and trigg enjoy the most.

      That is really neat that Mari is coming out of her shell – I wonder if Grace helped that happen?

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