Do You Use an Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Pan?

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Do You Use an Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Pan?

Every now and again readers ask about self cleaning litter boxes.  I have no experience with them.  However, I do know some readers really like them.  I don’t mind scooping and do like to know what I am scooping to keep an eye on the boys.

Here are some currently on the market:

scoopfreeScoop Free

The Scoop Free Self cleaning litter box comes with two designs. There is a manual design that you can rake yourself and an automatic design that waits about 20 minutes after the box has been used to automatically rake the litter. Depending on the number of cats you have you replace the litter tray every few weeks. The box requires electricity and special litter and trays.

litter robotLitter Robot

The Litter Robot has an automatic sifting process that is patent protected. When your cat enters the Litter Robot, a weight-activated sensor detects when your cat is inside. After 7-minutes after your cat has done its duty, the Robot rotates counter clockwise, and as a result sifts and sorts through the clumps of litter – depositing it in the drawer below the globe where your kitty enters.

What other ones are there out there?

Which one do you use and do you like it?  Share your automatic self cleaning litter box stories below!


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  1. Some years ago, I used Litter Maid and it was successful to a point. I had 3 cats at the time and the wait time between the cat exiting allowed for another to use the box before it sifted. The motor wasn’t strong enough to handle the extra weight and often jammed. I loved the idea, but it didn’t work in my house with 3 cats.

  2. Several of my clients have auto-litter boxes and we all hate them. They get wet litter stuck in-between the claws and then gunk up. Difficult to clean. I used The Breeze Litter System, which uses no litter. The ceramic pellets are great for litter but some poop will stick to them. Those can be discarded but the pellets can be washed off, dried and used again. If one falls out of the box onto the floor, be careful because if you step on it barefoot, it will really hurt. I love the pads for the tray and they are so easy to keep clean and are basicially odor free. No more lugging bags of litter into my house and no more dust.

  3. Jenny, have you heard of the cat genie? a.k.a. the cat toilet, this thing is bizarre but i’m curious as to if anyone you know has used it or tried it. You have to see a video of how this thing works on youtube too!!! it scoops the poo with an automated arm then washes and dries the litter pellets :O

  4. Hi, Jenny!

    I used to want the Litter Maid many years ago but changed my mind based on cost and reviews I read of problems that can happen.

    I’m just fine scooping them using my Litter Lifter a few times each day. 🙂

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂 <3

      1. I agree. AND….I like the fact that I can “see” the urine and bowel output so I notice right away if there are changes in amounts (and shapes) which might indicate a health issue, etc… 🙂 <3

  5. I have had all of the litter boxes mentioned above and hated them. I now have the Litter Robot and I love it. I’ve had it for 2 years now and it’s truly the Best automated litter box I’ve ever had. I have 2 huge Main Coons. My male is 23 lbs and my female is 17 lbs. I love the fact that they always have a clean litter box to go to and I’m sure they do too. I just change the trash bag that I use to line the collection draw with twice a week, and add more litter when needed. Which by the way I now only buy one bag of clumping litter a month. Before I was buying a bag every other week. This gadget may had a hefty price tag, but to me it is worth every penny. If you add all the money that i have spent throughout the years trying to find the right Automated litter box and add it together…you’ll have the cost of litter Robot and then some. My only regret is that I didn’t know about the litter Robot sooner. I could have saved a lot of money in the long run. >^.^<

      1. I now have two Ragdolls. I have been using the litter robot for several years. I travel for work & we live in small dormatory type rooms. I use Fresh Step carbon and there is no recognizeable litter odor. Both cats adjusted to it rapidly. Drawbacks of the litter robot-must remember to empty bag or it will soil the machine as it rotates. The globe takes quite a while to dry after washing. I pack it back into the box when I have to move so of i am somewhere a short time i use normal litter Box. I must mention that Litter Robot has excellent customer service. I believe it is also made in the USA

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