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  1. I agree, with your mom, We have a multi-cat household and in observing them I have noticed that they definately tend to favor either their right or left paws. I think there was a study reported about this a few months back that supports this. For example… Our Daisy is a righty, she likes to tap/poke me with her right paw while mewing Maw-maw, to get my attention when I’m on the computer. Mr. Wiggles and his brother PeeWee are both leftys. PeeWee is a paw dipper when he drinks water, and he always uses his left paw. Mr. Wiggles loves to play and talks to his toys, he seems to have quite a imagination in his playtime and prefers his left paw while doing so. 🙂

    1. We have two cats. Crooky is a gray and white female and is definitely right pawed, Socks is a male tuxedo cat and is most definitely left pawed. I first realized this when giving them treats. I would hold out the treat to get them to stand on their hind legs. Crooky always reached up to pull my hand down with her right paw, Socks with his left do I began watching them to confirm my suspicions. Yep we have a lefty and a righty in our home. We also have two grandchildren, the female is a righty just like Crooky and the male is a lefty just like Socks. LOL

  2. My Ragdoll, Buddy, is definitely a lefty. He actually performs tricks for his crunchy treats. He shakes paw, taps my closed fist containing the food and high-fives all with his left paw.

  3. Sometimes my 11 mo old ragdoll kitten, Angel Mae, will bop her housemates on the noggin to get her older kitty housemates to jump up and play with her and when she’s bopping them, she’s always reaching out to them with her right paw. .

    My Maine Coon cat, Buffee Moon, will paw both sides of the floor when she’s at her water bowl. She performs this routine about 3-4 seconds or so before taking a drink, but it seems to be her right front paw that she works at it the hardest. On occasion Buffee Moon will also dip her right paw in the water so she can take a drink by licking water off her foot. Then, when she walks away, she gives her damp little foot this little shake. :3

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