Do You Sing to Your Cats?

Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

A few days ago someone wrote on my YouTube channel something about me being a real cat nut.  I know I have a website dedicated to Ragdoll cats, but I have to say that I am always hesitant to own the name, “Crazy Cat Lady.”

However, after much thought and reflection, you can definitely call me, “Crazy Murphy Lady”, “Crazy Rags Lady”, “Crazy Charlie Lady, “Crazy Trigg Lady” and “Crazy Caymus Lady”.  I definitely fall in love with specific cats and become crazy about them.

I read a guest post by Angie Bailey over on The Conscious Cat the other day where she confessed to not only singing to her cats but also replacing her cats’ names with song lyrics. I had to laugh because I totally do the same and haven’t had the guts to post them live on the Internet.  But time heals all wounds, even wounds of embarrassment and if it puts a smile on your face then this post was worth it.

IMPORTANT REMINDER! I am not a singer!

Indiana Jones’ Theme Song sung to Charlie

Oh My Darling Clementine changed to Oh My Charlie

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32 thoughts on “Do You Sing to Your Cats?

  1. Rukhage says:

    My gf and I have a 7 month old raggy, we got her when she was 8 weeks old and she was the shyest one of her litter. I remember during the first week she was basically scared of everything around her and slept under the bed (she still runs under the bed when we vacuum though 😛 ). She used to be a scratcher at first, but we managed to teach her not to, and we’re trying to get her to stop biting. She bites playfully now so it isn’t really anything terrible, but we’re trying to make her do it less frequently. So here’s hoping! 😀

    • Rukhage says:

      Crap, this comment was for the biting article, for some reason the post ended up here on the singing section. :/ Sorry.

    • Sheila BB says:

      Thanks for the biting post. I was starting to wonder if my almost 5 month old is just nuts. She also is shy (with new people) and hids under bed..but she bites…do kittens teeth? I was expecting a very docile flippity floppity kitten, although she did nip me when I first met her…so I guess I should have known. She also scratches…although she will use scratching post if she is near it. She has started on the carpet edges…and YES, SHE DOES KNOW “NO”.cause she stops and looks at me…this is the first time I have had a singleton…and am now retired, so maybe I just am not used to having a single kitten without lots of family/pets around. She does love her toys and playing fetch…and eating from my spoon…or mouth if I would let her…she also eats almost anything…will beg for a taste, jumps into tub…likes water…and is really beautiful. I guess I am not used to kitten behavior.

  2. Priscilla Anderson says:

    Yes, Of course I sing to them, I make up all kinds of silly songs to my own tunes……..”My name is Hannah and I’m a banana, my Mommy loves me every day, she thinks I’m really really kinda silly but she loves me anyway” and I will save you from the rest since i have 17 kitties each with their own songs. Blessings.Priscillalea

  3. Coinneach Fitzpatrick says:

    My floofs have their own songs. Maisy’s is “Maisy,” obviously, sung to the tune of “Windy” by The Association (yes, I’m that old): “And Maisy has big green eyes / for watching those zig-zag flies / She teases the tom-cat-guys / when she strolls by / with tail held high…”. Charlie loves it when I cat-dance with her and sing “Still Alive” from Portal (I know how bizarre this is, no need to tell me).

  4. Eli says:

    I sing to my cats too! I sing Preciosa by Marc Anthony to Katy but with different lyrics: Yo se lo que son los encantos de mi gatita hermosa por eso la quiero yo tanto por siempre la llamare Preciooosaa
    Mi Linda gatita, mi Linda gatita, Katiiriaaa
    Preciosa te llaman las manos que te acarician Preciosa por ser mi gatita por ser mi bebe Y tienes la noble hidalguia de una leonesa y el fiero rugido del tigre bravio lo tienes tambien… Hahaha any Spanish speaking people who get that 🙂
    Also I used to sing You Are My Sunshine to Mia but ever since she got killed that song just makes me cry. I sing soft kitty to my cat Sheldon hahaha

    • Jenny says:

      !Que preciosa!

      Do you find that they respond better to Spanish or English? I speak to Charlie and Trigg in Spanish often too, usually ask them “A donde vas?”

      • Eli says:

        I usually speak to them in English. I often scold them in Spanish though. “Que tu haces!?” “bajate de ahi!” “Deja a Rocky quieto!” (Rocky is my cockatiel) I like to think of them as bilingual cats hehehe They are Puerto rican kitties after all so they do hear a lot of Spanish even though we speak mostly English in my household.
        BTW I would have never guessed you were Spanish speaking 😀 very cool!

        • Jenny says:

          That’s funny about scolding them in Spanish, maybe they don’t like Spanish then? Yes, I speak Spanish, but probably not as well as you do. I learned it in school – and have a Masters, so I know all the literature stuff…but conversationally I am not as good.

          I also tell them, “Te quiero mi amor” and also, “quererte tanto me cuesta nada” from the song, “España Camisa Blanca Lyrics” – which is one of my favorite lines in any song ever.

  5. Wendy says:

    I love that you posted your songs — how cute! Thinking about it, I guess I don’t sing to Lucy, but I definitely talk to her in baby talk. Our favorite thing to do — Lucy gets into my lap, I flip her over on her back and cuddle her while talking baby talk to her. She purrs and purrs and gets in a ZONE when we do this. If I ask her ” Do you want to do flippies?” she immediately jumps in my lap and waits for me to flip her over.

  6. Beth says:

    So nice knowing we aren’t crazy after all (as if we ever believed we were, no matter what people may say about us)! I have sung to all my kitties all my life and they have loved it, too 🙂 Change the lyrics to any song or make up a brand-new song of your own! Don’t worry about your singing talents – cats know this is the human form of purring anyway! Those lacking inspiration can borrow “Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty” from the TV show Big Bang Theory – it’s a guaranteed winner! Loved your songs, Jenny, and everyone’s stories!!!

  7. Betty says:

    I loved your songs! I never thought to sing to them – but will give it a try! They will probably all run away!

  8. Sheila Brown-Blei says:

    I just brought my first baby Rag Doll home…and have another one coming soon. This is my first time as a Pedigree Cat owner…I always had shelter cats and dogs. I gave up my pets when I had to move…but after 3 years…I just fell in love with this breed.
    Will I sing to her…does baby talk count??? Picking her up and dancing with her…think she is brilliant…she figured out in the ride home how to open the zipper on the soft carrier…and before I knew it…she was sitting on the arm rest next to me…not a good way to drive…back she went…finally fell asleep..and now she is in her room. Once she gets used to everything, she will have the run of the house. She is so beautiful, she almost looks fake. I will stop at 2…can not manage more…but I have to have a pet…if only for my mental health and BP.

  9. Caren Gittleman says:

    I sang to my first cat (who passed at age 18 in 2007)….his name was Bobo and I made up a song called “The Bobo Song”…everyone at my former newspaper job in Cleveland knew the “Bobo Song” because I even sang it at work!!

    I sing for my current cat, (Cody) but not nearly as often as I used to sing “The Bobo Song”

      • Caren Gittleman says:

        Ok…you asked for it! lol…..

        I used to sing it by holding him in my arms and rocking him like a baby,

        “Who is my Bobo? Bobo is my kitty, everybody loves him…yes they do….I love BOBO, we all love BOBO, EVERYBODY LOVES HIM, YES WE DO!!!!!” Then I would add another “YES….WE…..DOOOO Boom! Boom” and on the “boom, boom” I would kiss his nose for each one 🙂

        The tune was just a silly tune that I made up 🙂

        One of my former bosses/colleagues used to always say “Sing the Bobo Song!” lol

  10. Liz says:

    My cats love it when I sing about them, but when I start in with the broadway and the opera they run away. Some critics are really hard to please!! I love your songs though:)

  11. jim says:

    nice and I had 3 Ragdolls listening.. Bentley looked puzzled. please do not quit your day job. smile. I seldom sing to them but we talk a lot.


  12. JLSW says:

    When I either sing or whistle to them, they look at me like I am an alien. Their ears go back and sometimes they crawl on my lap to sniff my mouth to see how I am doing that. Totally throws them off and I am a professional singer. Dorks.

  13. Susan Smith says:

    Yes, I sing to them and I sing ABOUT them by chaging the lyrics to Broadway musicals to fit their names. You haven’t lived until you’ve heard me sing “Look at Me I’m Sandra Dee” from “Grease” and change the lyrics to “Look at Me, I’m Rubydee” or “Goodbye, Ruby Dee-dee/Who could hang a name on you” with my best Mick Jagger impersonation (Rubydee is my tortie). Sassy and Oscar also have songs, but I’ll let you digest what I’ve already said here…

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