Do You Pick Up Your Cat?

Post Published on March 11, 2016 | Last Updated on July 15, 2021 by Jenny

Do You Pick Up Your Cat?

Jenny holding Murphy and Caymus Ragdoll CatsYesterday and the day before I posted photos on Facebook of me carrying Charlie and Trigg upstairs at night time and then of me carrying Caymus and Murphy together at my parents’ house. I was suprised to find out that many of our Facebook fans do not pick up, carry or hold their kitties.

I am just shocked by this – and would love more insight. I have always picked up my cats.

Here’s a video I did on YouTube a few years back of picking up Caymus, Murphy, Charlie and Trigg. Now I guess I need to do one of how I pick Caymus and Murphy up together and same with a Charlie and Trigg one.

So, do you pick up your kitties?  Why or why not?

Do you have more than one kitty?  If you do, do you ever carry them together?  Why or why not?

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12 thoughts on “Do You Pick Up Your Cat?

  1. Teresa Reid says:

    Can’t imagine life without picking up my babies and cuddling, hugging and kissing on them all throughout the day. Like drinking water, have to have it. Gracie demands that I pick her up for her ride downstairs after breakfast. She screams like she is lost and have to go back and pick her up. She rides over my shoulder and sometimes, I carry Illaria in my arms, but usually it is just Gracie then because it hurts my back too much. Carry Illaria like a baby because she’s not as limber as Gracie. Her asking me to pick her up is twirling around my legs when I’m putting on my makeup. So, of course, I stop everything and pick her up, kiss and hug on her and give her a good brushing until her motor is roaring. Makes both of us so happy. Gracie and Illaria get picked up and carried, kissed and hugged on so many times during the day, can’t even count. Mariposa is a different story and respect that. She prefers her Dad to pick her up and loves being carried around by him.

    • Patti Johnson says:

      Lurve, lurve, lurve your routine with Miss Gracie!!! Adorable!! And, how precious is it that Miss Illaria lets you know she wants to be held for her special time with you!!! I wish Miss PSB would do THAT! Perhaps one day… 🙂 Love how Miss Mariposa is such a Daddy’s Girl. One day she’ll let you pick her up, too, honey. I just know it. BIG HUGS!!! <3 <3 <3

      • Teresa Reid says:

        You are so sweet Patti. Thank you for the compliments. Illaria just began doing that twirling around my leg in the past 6 months). Your sweet Miss Pink Sugarbelle and Illaria are so much alike in their purrsonalities. Wouldn’t be surprised if sometime very soon MPS finds a special way to let you know when she wants your attention too. ♥♥♥

        • Patti Johnson says:

          ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Thank you so much, Teresa! You are right. Miss PSB and Miss IRP could be sisters! They are so similar with their adorable purrsonalities. Miss PSB has been sitting with me in my recliner more and more these past 6 months and, of course, I’m always her go to person to play “fetch” with her favorite catnip toys. She brings her favorite catnip toy into the bathroom each morning while I’m doing my morning routine and sits patiently for me to notice that she’s brought me a gift and I should throw it so we can play fetch. lol Lurve that little minx so much! 🙂 ♥♥♥

          • Teresa Reid says:

            That is so sweet. She is paying attention to you now and buttering you up with sweetness for very wonderful days of loving ahead! Can’t wait to hear what you say she is doing about this time next year!♥♥♥

          • Patti Johnson says:

            You are such a sweetheart, Teresa!!! Lurve your positive attitude, lurve YOU and your girls so much!!! BIG HUGS!! 🙂 ♥♥♥

  2. JLSmithson says:

    While I admit we pick ours up to plant really annoying kisses on them, they really do not like being picked up. They snuggle with us when we are sitting in our chairs but they are really not into being held. Binkley is the only one that will tolerate it for longer than a minute.

  3. Kathryn Hardy says:

    I pick up Dickens and Purrcival all the time. Dickens likes to be carried and purrs, but Purrcy really doesn’t want to be picked up. However, I think he needs to learn how, so I keep trying and he’s getting better. Mostly I pick them up because I want to snuggle them, but I also want to be able to move them safely and quickly if necessary.

    When they were babies I could carry one in each hand, but now they are about 15 pounds each, so I only carry one at a time. 🙂

  4. plmcat says:

    i have always held all my cats. some would tolerate it or liked it and some didn’t. 2 of my cats that i have now will let me pick them up but they don’t stay for long. i have a “launcher” too. my black and white will let me do about anything with him. he is a true “floppy” and just goes totally limp when i pick him up. i try to scoop him like you do. arm underneath the belly. he likes then to be over my shoulder. sometimes i can cradle him like a baby and then he will put his head back and will totally lay out and just be like a puddle of fluff and melt right out of my arms onto the floor again. i can’t imagine never picking up my cats though. i love to hold them and sqeeeeze them!

  5. chris chocallo says:

    Jenny: Sorry, something wrong with the i’s on my keyboard for my iPad. Sorry about all of the spelling mistakes. I can’t blame Widgy this time as he is napping. Chris

  6. chris chocallo says:

    My Widget is about 10 1/2 months old and weighs about 13 pounds. He is incredibly beautiful and we just love him. He does not really like to be picked up too much and does not go limp when you do pick him up. He will only cuddle if he feels like it, and loves to be scratched under his chin, but does not like too much petting on his head. He likes you to rub the area just above his eyes, lol., not his whole head. He does not like wet food, but will drink the juice. I have tried to wean him off the kitten food, but he resists it. He has recently developed the bad habit of standing on his hind feet with his front paws on the tv screen which is driving my husband crazy. Of course this is only when it is on and we are watching it. He loves sitting on the side of the bathtub with his paw over the side playing with the stream of water. He will only drink from the tub, so we have to be very careful to turn it on often during the day to let him drink. He’s really something. Chris Chocallo Sarasota FL

  7. Patti Johnson says:

    Great topic, Jenny! Wonderful video, as usual! We occasionally pickup our Miss Pink Sugarbelle. She’s much more amenable to it now at almost 3.5 years of age than when she was younger (when she’d tolerate it for about 2 seconds and then squirm to be let down…just too busy in her world to be held…UNLESS we walk around and show her stuff on the walls and then she doesn’t mind at all). Now, she’s “okay” with it but not for longer than around 30 seconds when we talk or cuddle her while we do it (which is how we’ve always done it). Again, if we are walking around showing her schtuff on the walls or the kitchen then she’ll stay put longer than 30 seconds. Otherwise, it’s “Enough, Human. I’m bored. I must wander and explore this new world I wake up to every day…” lol I’m hoping that changes as she gets older.

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

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