Do You Have Cat Health Insurance?

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Rags - Linda Sims
Rags @ 8 months - owned by Linda Sims

Linda, a reader, wrote in earlier this week and asked, “I have a 8 month old ragdoll kitten, Rags, I would like to protect with cat insurance. Can you tell me of any good ones?”

I do not have cat health insurance for my Ragdoll cats.  When I got Charlie and Trigg, I investigated it a little bit and found it not to be worthwhile.  My vet suggests to put away $50 a month, so that by the time they are 16-17, like Rags was when he had cancer, you have plenty of money saved up.  Of course, this is ideal and not always perfect.

So I told Linda that I would pose the question to the readership to see what you guys did for cat insurance or if you had another savings plan in place.  Now, I did at one point post a guest post about cheap cat health insurance that might be worth reading.

Thanks for your tips, suggestions and  help in advance.

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  1. I have Banfield Wellness Plan for all four of our boys. It includes one free dental per year and free office visits. Since three are brothers, when one goes in for a checkup, all three go in. The discounts are great! But, the best part is if one gets sick, in he goes and it’s covered. Artemis has had some rear-end issues as of late and he has needed a lot of care. It’s nice to not have to worry about the cost when you are busy worrying about the cat!

  2. I don’t have insurance for any of my guys, but it is something I would like to get once my budget is more flexible. A savings account is nice, but unfortunately, you can’t count on your pet staying healthy until old age and many conditions can cost you several thousands of dollars to treat. I don’t think my savings account could keep up. I’m lucky in that I get a very generous discount from the vet I used to work for especially since my Ragdoll, Woody, has spent some time there with liver problems. My vet won’t be around forever so I’ve been checking out the different insurances. One of the insurances I think looks the best is Embrace Pet Insurance. Many insurance will not cover for disorders that considered genetic in some breeds (like DCM in Ragdolls), but Embrace does. That to me is a huge thing. They also offer different levels of insurance including preventive care.

  3. With our new baby, Gracie Mae, we are getting ready to sign up for VIP (Very Important Pet) service. They have a reasonable cost and deductible atlernatives and reimbuse 80% of fees for most major issues. She’s only 6 months old and so we want to start her now just in case something happens. In this day and age, anyone who can afford pet insurance should seriously get it.

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