Do You Have a CritterZone Air Purifier?

Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

Several months ago, we reviewed the CritterZone Air Purifier. I know some readers purchased it and I’m looking to collect reviews/testimonials about it.  Please either send me your testimonial at info [at] or post it below in the comments.

If you don’t have a CritterZone Air Purifier, what, if anything, do you use for odor control?

If you missed our review, here it is: CritterZone Air Purifier Travel Pack Review – Cat Odor Remover

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9 thoughts on “Do You Have a CritterZone Air Purifier?

  1. jtdlake says:

    Hi there – I was curious to see the Amazon description states it can’t be shipped to California (I am in CA) and some reviews say this is because it produces ozone. If you want more information regarding California regulations including lists of CA approved and not approved air purifiers, see this link:

    Note I do NOT see CritterZone listed on either list, but given the manufacturer statement that they cannot be sold in California, I assume the reviewers are correct on Amazon that it produces ozone. Of course whether that is of concern of not is entirely up to the individual (and whatever state regulations there may be!).

    Just an FYI for other Floppycats readers! Thanks as always to Jenny for this awesome resource!

    • Jenny says:

      Thank you! I forwarded this to CritterZone and here’s what they said:

      “Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to ship to the state of California due to a recent change in their regulations. We are currently awaiting approval from the California Air Board for certification. The time table for approval is unknown since they are currently backlogged on certification requests. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

  2. Dementia Boy says:

    This was on my list, but when I figured out the cost for both bathrooms and the laundry room, I went to Plan B.

    Plan B, while tacky, is cheap. I tape an 1800 filtration level HEPA filter to the front of each fan in the house – size varies according to the fan – and run the fans 24 hours a day, changing the filters just before they get disgusting. The filters cost about $10. I used to have “real” HEPA purifiers throughout the house but the cost of changing the filters and pre-filters was exorbitant ($80+).

    I must have these, not for the litter box smell, but because Jolie has terrible environmental allergies. I can either continue to live in the woods or move to the moon.

      • Dementia Boy says:

        Yes!! Plan B is working beyond my expectations. Although I don’t have an air quality meter, who needs one when I have Jolie? Her fur is silkier, smoother, shinier and longer than it’s ever been. The scratching, licking and other allergy symptoms have stopped. Her lymphocytes, a good indicator of inflammation, are almost normal. She’s gained six ounces in seven months; another two pounds and she’ll be thin normal =). I can see the Maine Coon (her dad) in her now. Between Jolie’s diet and the air filters, she’s in the best shape she’s ever been. Only took me nearly 19 years to figure it out =(

        When I have the energy and the $$$, I’ll enclose the fans in lattice or something else so they don’t look so tacky. but right now, I want to spend my energy on her painting and my $$$ on the paw nosh bowl and yeoww!! fish.

  3. jerk says:

    i dont own one, but i have a hepa air purifier in each room (bedroom, animal room, computer room/living room. on days when i move stuff to clean, there is a noticeable difference in smell when they stay off, even for an hour or so.

  4. Linda Gerten says:

    I have one and it does a great job in a laundry room with 2 litter boxes! Smells like fresh air 🙂

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