Do You Dance with Your Cats?

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My sister and I were hanging out the other day and she started doing dancing with Charlie, so I thought I’d get it on film.  I posted this video a few weeks ago on Floppycats’ YouTube channel, but thought I would share it here, in case you missed it.

It begs the question, though, Do You Dance with Your Cats?


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  1. Ha! Yes, I dance with my Charlie and Maisy all the time, with the blinds *firmly* closed. I also make up songs for them and sing along. You need some nightmare fuel? Imagine an old, overweight, bald guy doing his best death metal Cookie Monster vocals version of KMFDM’s “Spectre” with a huge fluffy Ragdoll in his arms.

  2. I name all my Ragdolls after songs, so OF COURSE I dance with them, singing their songs. They don’t all tolerate it as well as your two! The video is just too cute. If people know Ragdolls, they know that the cats aren’t being mistreated and actually like the attention.

  3. Great videos! What fun and sooooo hilariously cute!

    I dance around our apartment with Pink Sugar in my arms and sing Christmas tunes and other favorite songs with her. However, I haven’t sat down and done the “Charlie Dance” (which is what I’m calling this now) routines as performed in the videos! I plan to make up for lost time, though, and start doing this right away! I’m betting my Pink Sugar girl with love this as much as I will! She just thrives on attention and soft singing.

    Thanks, Jenny! 🙂 <3

  4. My boys love to dance and they love when I sing Xmas songs too them.Jenny I love when Trigg eats the cake frosting sooo cute!My Murphy loves cool whip also.I Love to include my two Raggy boys in everything.They love Xmas sooo much.Its so much better the Xmas Holiday with the Raggys around.Loving this season .EVERYONE AND THEIR RAGGYS HAVE A MERRY XMAS,BYE LISA

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