Do Ragdolls Like Their Litter Box in Privacy?

Last Updated on August 13, 2021 by Jenny

Charlie in NVR Miss Litter BoxThe Ragdoll breed of cats is very different from other cats in many ways, however, just like other cats, they prefer their litter box to be in a private area. Your best bet when you bring home a new kitten is to first use the same litter as the person you got the kitten from was using. Switching litter so quickly on a kitten can irritate their skin and make them not want to use the litter box. it also helps to provide a litter box as close as possible to the one they had been using so as not to confuse them.

Your new Ragdoll cat will love your attention of course, but when he's new to the home, he'll also want some privacy. It's important that he have his own designated space. While kittens will grow to appreciate stimulating and open atmospheres eventually, they at first seek calm and quiet. At the same time, when it comes to litter boxes, your Ragdoll cat's desire for a clean one in a private space is not likely to change. Having this designated area to relieve themselves soothes them and makes it easier for them to go. Think about it: if you were in a crowded area with people talking, would you really want to choose this place for using the bathroom?

Chances are no!  Cats are just like us in many ways. Rag Doll kittens and cats alike don't want to do something so private in public. It's also a survival instinct. Before cats were domesticated, it would have been silly for them to use the bathroom around other animals because it could leave them open to attack. Survival is a very important instinct for Ragdolls and other cats alike. It is important for us as humans to respect that.

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