Do Ragdoll Cats Like Their Litter Box in Privacy?

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Can you imagine a cat who didn't prefer to use his litter box in private? Our furry friends are just like us; they prefer some alone time to dispose of their waste, and the Ragdoll breed is no different in this aspect. So how do you create the perfect area for your cat's litterbox?

  • Try to keep the litter box and litter products in a small, enclosed room. The size of the room will make your cat feel more safe and secure. This is also better for you in that waste matter won't be anywhere near the living area of your home.
  • Do not put the cat's food near the litter box. Again, cats' preferences seem to match up with humans' preferences when it comes to this subject. It wouldn't make much sense for someone to build a home with a toilet placed smack dab in the middle of the dining room, and cats seem to feel the same way.
  • It's best if the litter box room is away from noisy areas of the house. The noise can be extremely distracting and nerve-wracking for your Ragdoll cat when he is simply trying to relieve himself. Think of this as the equivalent of being on your way to the bathroom when someone keeps yelling, forcing you to stop and look around wondering what in the world is going on!
  • No matter what, you must keep the litter box clean. Many owners prefer to scoop out waste products on a daily basis while changing the litter box out completely every few days. Cats are very clean animals; notice how yours is constantly licking his fur to maintain a neat coat?

Many cats will refuse to relieve themselves in a litter box that is too messy, and this leads to them sometimes having accidents.

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