Different Look to Floppycats

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Those of you who are a part of Floppycats Facebook know that I was thinking of doing this, as many of you contributed to helping with the verb for litterboxes.  I went with “Poo” – because it was short and easy to fit onto a tab.  So you will notice that now there are 10 blue tabs above the black navigation bar:

The New Look of Floppycats

When you click on one of those tabs, like “Train” it will take you to category page that explains products that will help you and your cat with that verb.  I will constantly be adding to it, but these tabs will feature products I really like. I would appreciate any suggestions or feedback you have either on the new look or products to feature under those tabs.

Also, a month or so ago, the black navigation bar was changed so that a drop down menu appears under some of the nav bar menu items.

The New Look of Floppycats

I wanted to give the reader more options, while giving the site a cleaner feel.

Please let me know what you think and if you like it or not – I can take the criticism and want it! Thanks!

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