Did You Buy a PawNosh Cat Bowl?

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PawNosh Cubby BowlDid you, by chance, buy a PawNosh cat bowl after we reviewed it or even before?

How do you like it?  How does your kitty like it?

PawNosh gets push back on their bowl for: 1. Price, 2. Concerns it is too deep, 3. Concerns about it bothering cat’s whiskers and 4. If it’s too heavy or not heavy enough.

I found the bowl to be completely delightful all the way around – but think it would be good to collect what others have to say.

I’d like to do a post similar to the one we did for Lollycadoodle cat beds where readers submit their reviews/testimonials with their kitties drinking/eating out of the bowl. If you’re game, please send your photo and testimonial together in one email to jenny [at] floppycats.com

You can buy the PawNosh Cubby Glass Cat Food and Water Bowl on Amazon for $55 or you can buy the bowl on PawNosh’s website and save 10% when you use promo code, FLOPPY10.

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  1. We love our PawNosh bowl — great idea about the user reviews. I’ll do my best to get a photo of Loki eating from his bowl (he very rarely eats in front of people!) and we’ll submit our testimonial. But the bottom line is that I think this is the best pet bowl I’ve ever bought and I thank you for reviewing it and brining it to my attention here on Floppycats.

    1. Yes, I agree about user reviews! Readers email me photos all the time of stuff they have gotten because of a review and I think, “more people would enjoy seeing these photos and hearing these stories!”

      I do hope you will share Loki with the PawNosh bowl and a testimonial! Thanks.

  2. i didn’t get one only because i couldn’t afford it. i love this dish and one of the main reasons i love it is because of the depth. my cats get cat food all over the floor with the dishes that i have and i’d love it to not be that way. i don’t see a whisker issue and they are so beautiful! when i can afford to have 3 of these, i’ll certainly be getting them! i think the weight is great too so they don’t have to chase the dish all over the place.

  3. YES I bought two, one small, one big! They are perfect in every way. Not too deep but then I use it for water only. No whisker problem at all. Super heavy so cats don’t crash into it when doing their kitten crazy laps! I can say that I think it is totally worth the money as expensive as it is! Damn I bought the bigger one for the dogs because I loved the small one so much!!!That’s $70! BUT it is just gorgeous and awesome. I love the company. They are such a classy organization. I even love the boxes and tissue paper they come in. And even the shipping box is crazy cool! Have I gushed enough? AND they are adding two more colors later this month. They are hush hush about it.

    1. I meant to say also that the cats and dogs had no problem using them and seem to love the bowls. I have noticed there are no more bubbles in the water with these bowls as there were with my other glass bowls. I am assuming that is because of the quality of the glass.

    2. Janet – I love that you love it so much- I am right there with you! I hope you’ll send in a photo of your kitty using it along with a testimonial (and I do know you’ve already written one here!) so I can share it on the blog!

  4. We didn’t buy one. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want one! 😀 Just a question; is the bowl heavy? Has Charlie or Trigg been able to knock it over yet? My cat Saphira does it and its really annoying! So I just wanted to know if it was sturdy, as I’m thinking of buying one. Thanks!

  5. Sob. No beautiful bowl yet. (But you should see all the stuff I got at Coldwater Creek’s 90% off closeout sale!!). Next month.

    Not that I had planned to use it for the cats (bad cat mom, bad). I thought spare change would look pretty in it, sparkling in the sun. But now that Janet has mentioned water…water would look pretty, too. I don’t know that the cats will use it to drink out of as they have a definite “shape” preference. Also, Jolie needs water spilling on her head. But it looks like a paw dunker, which is fine with me.

    I wonder what colors possibly could be prettier than sea glass. Rose? Violet?

  6. I did buy the bowl. I love it and so does my cat Rosie. It is heavy enough not to be knocked around and yet it is beautiful. I highly recommend this full to anyone who has a cat or a small dog.

  7. That looks cool! I wanna get one just for myself cuz it looks neat. Don’t have a ragdoll yet .( I plan on getting a ragdoll kitten around Christmas time) this site is very helpful . I’m educating myself on ragdolls before we get one around Christmas.

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