Designer Cat Beds: 3 Pet Beds We’re Currently Reviewing

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Designer Cat Beds: 3 Pet Beds We’re Currently Reviewing

For those of you who subscribe to our channel on YouTube, you already know of three beds we have recently received to review. However, for those of you not subscribed, I wanted to share the 3 new cat beds we’re reviewing – I want to get your feedback and questions, so that I can address them in our final review.

For those of you who are completely new to Floppycats, when we do a product review on an item, we always do an arrival video or an unboxing video, so that you can not only see how the product will come to you, but also so you can see how the cats and I react to the product from the get go.  I then do a final review video and include both videos in the reviews that we do.

All of these beds I requested to review -in other words, I went to the company, asking for a product sample. When I first got started with reviews, that’s how I had to do it. But now, more often than not, I am approached before I go looking or a reader asks me to ask for a product sample for a review. So when I go looking or asking, it is because I am REALLY interested and think it will be a cool product to share with my readers. So far all three of these cat beds have proven to be as cool as I think they are.

I have also included links as to where you can buy them now, if you’d like – this is usually just me being proactive, as I have found if I don’t include buy now links, then I am asked for them.

Bowsers Pet Bed Urban Lounger

Buy the Bowsers Pet Bed Urban Lounger

Chunky Knitted Cat Bed from Jennys KnitCo on Etsy

Buy the Chunky Knitted Cat Bed from Jenny’s KnitCo on Etsy

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Petmate Dogzilla Pet Bed

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  1. Great products! Awesome videos and info! Thanks so much, Jenny!

    Crazy about those Chunky Merino Wool beds on Etsy!! Gorgeous and functional!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  2. All 3 are fantastic!
    I think the “Bowsers Pet Bed Urban Lounger”,
    is the prettiest.
    The “Chunky Knitted Cat Bed”, looks the most snuggly.
    And the “Petmate Dogzilla Pet Bed”, looks the most durable.
    Thanks Jenny.

  3. Great reviews as always Jenny! All of these look amazing and very comfortable for the kittehs! Like that each one of them has their own unique style and comfort. Thanks so much!♥♥♥

  4. i like all of them for different reasons but my favorite is the knitted one. i love the design, to me it’s very luxurious and i can’t help it… chiggy just looks so freakin gorgeous in it! i guess the question i have about it is can you wash it, would it hold it’s shape if you did and how exactly did she make it. i mean it does look like giant yarn and a giant knitting needle made it. the “petmate” looks really thick and supportive, the “urban lounger” i like because you can take the cover off and wash it. but if i had my pick, i would chose the “chunky knitted”. it’s puuurrrrfect for a cat, it has a cat’s personality and it’s just adorable!

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