Decorative Litter Box Cover

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Decorative Litter Box CoverDoes your cat like privacy and do you dislike having your kitty litter exposed? Then this unique cat furniture might be one of the ideal cat products for you. Kitty litter is something almost all cats need in a household because to them that is their toilet. It is important that you clean it everyday using a scooper to avoid smell. It might be better to buy unscented kitty litter for your cats so they can take their time, or else they might hurry because they might not like the scent.

Your cats will surely love their privacy more often and you don’t have to be a viewer if you have a decorative litter box cover.

You have to put the litter box in a nice, quiet and private spot so your kitties can do their business in peace. When you have guests, having a decorative litter box cover is an advantage as kitty litter is something that should be left unseen. This litter box is made from wicker so it doesn’t absorb fluids or odors. It is easy to wash just use some soap and some water to clean it all up. The front panel of the cover opens so you can have a much easier time when you clean you can slide it out of the cover. Every litter pan has an elevated base and also has non-slip feet to protect the flooring.

Keep your home as sanitary as possible by providing the right cat products for your pet. Want more Floppy Cats?
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