Decorate Your iPhone with a Ragdoll Cat Pictures from Zazzle

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It isn’t every day that you see Ragdoll cat pictures on trendy items such as phone covers but Zazzle has got a gorgeous Ragdoll kitty on the back of one of their iPhone cases. The picture is a standard picture but from the reviews on the Zazzle website it seems you can design your own cover if you prefer. Obviously this means you can put your own feline friend on to these cat products, providing you have a picture that shows your kitty in their true beauty.

The phone covers themselves are highly durable and fit snuggly around any iPhone. They aren’t as bulky as some phone covers and protect both the back and the sides of your phone…and from the sample photos on the Zazzle website it seems the photo you choose extends around the sides as well as across the back. It is worth bearing in mind when choosing a photo for your cover that the camera hole is quite large and an important part of your photo may be missing.

Saying this, what better way to show off the Ragdoll cat breed than with something that probably rarely leaves your side?


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