December 2014 Giveaway: NVR Miss Litterboxes

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We reviewed the NVR Miss Litterbox awhile back and now it is the only litterbox I have in my house (well, we have 5 of them).  The NVR Miss Litterbox is a high wall litterbox especially designed for cats that pee accidentally over the side of their shorter litterbox – and it also does a great job at keeping litter inside the box (see our review of it here, or you can check out the video posted below to learn more).

Thank you to NVR Miss for sponsoring this month’s giveaway, where you have a chance to enter to win 2 NVR Miss litterboxes!

NVR Miss Litterbox Prize Package Giveaway on Floppycats December 2014

Giveaway Details:

  • # of winners: 2
  • Prize Details:
  • 1st winner – NVR Miss Litterbox in darker snowflake plus their choice of the second litterbox: brown or white or purple
    2nd winner – NVR Miss Litterbox in lighter snowflake plus their choice of the second litterbox: brown or white or purple
  • Open to Addresses in: USA and Canada ONLY

NVR Miss Brown Purple WhiteIf you’d like to enter for a chance to win one of the NVR Miss Litterbox packages, please enter the giveaway via the Rafflecopter widget below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway ends on December 31, 2014 at 11:59 CT. A random winner* will be chosen in a drawing on January 1, 2015.

*No purchase necessary to enter. Void where prohibited or restricted by law. Winners will be alerted via e-mail. The winner(s) of the giveaway are required to give Floppycats a physical address (to which the prize will be mailed) within 72 hours.  If a reply email containing the physical address where the prize should be mailed is not received, alternate winner(s) will be chosen again by random. Winners may or may not be announced in a separate post following the drawing.

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  1. Jenny,Is there a issue with Rafflecopter regarding the inability to acquire additional entry via FB regarding the new NVR Miss giveaway? I cannot get the extra point on the FB entry. Ernie Paul

    1. HI Ernest,

      Do you already like Floppycats on Facebook? That might be the issue. You might unlike the page, and then return to the widget to relike it? Please let me know if that is the solution, otherwise I will try to reach out to Rafflecopter. Thanks for the heads up!


      1. Hi Jenny, I have “unliked” all possible Floppycat “likes” and cannot complete the FB entry? Strange, as I have not experienced this issue when entering any previous giveaways?

      2. Hi Ernest,

        Thank you for trying that. Can I trouble you to try one more thing – can you please try in another browser?

        The reason I ask is because I just checked the entries and others have succeeded with the Facebook thing.

        I did forward your message to Rafflecopter as well.

        Thank you!

  2. Just ordered my first one today. I recently adopted Rocco and Frankie and these boys love to dig. My older rag, Oliver, doesn’t like a cover on his box so I’ve been searching for a high sided box that he will fit in comfortably and will contain the litter from the two little ones digging.

    P.S. I just love your site!

    1. YAY! Lisa, I wondered where Rocco and Frankie went! How did Oliver do when they came home? I hope you’ll share all your boys as Ragdolls of the Week. And I don’t blame your Oliver – I don’t like Porta-potty for that very reason – enclosed smell!!

      1. Hi Jenny, Thank you for asking about the boys. Oliver, and our dog Bailey, have accepted both Rocco and Frankie into the family. The dog is excited to have some new playmates and Oliver just goes about his business and accepts the attention from the kittens.

        The 7 hour trip from VA to CT was uneventful and the transition into the family and new surroundings has been very smooth. The boys are just so sweet, gentle, lovable and playful and have quickly taken to following me around the house. I feel so blessed to have run across Dana’s post on your Facebook page to adopt Rocco and Frankie. The sweet fur balls have already captured my heart and I know that they will be bring joy to our home for many years to come.

        Thank you for hosting the Floppycats Facebook page and website and providing a place for all of us crazy Ragdoll parents to visit.


      2. Oh, Lisa – that is just so wonderful! I hope you will share Oliver, Rocco and Frankie as Ragdolls of the Week some time! Glad to hear that Oliver accepted them so quickly – did you do a 2 week transition period or how did you go about introducing them? I had to rehome my brother’s dog a few years ago and I still check in on him at least 4 times a year. Hardest thing I ever did but he is in such a better place now – how lucky Dana was to find you!

  3. I was so glad I saw this giveaway. I’ve been saving for this litterbox for Calvin, my problem kitty. He likes to lift his bottom toward the end, and ends up going outside the litterbox. I’m really getting tired of cleaning it up. Thank goodness it doesn’t happen every day. If it did, I think I’d give up eating to get the box. I love these giveaways of yours. Thank you so much for holding them for us.

  4. Another GREAT product!! We have one and it is getting pretty old and use another Rubbermaid tough right beside it. Have to say that most plastic containers would have already soaked up the odor and would have been tossed long ago, but this one seems to repel the dirt and nothing sticks to it, smell or otherwise.

    Would love to win a new one with the cut-out sides. Makes it easier for Miss Mari who is not as agile as the youngsters. That purple one is now on our ever-growing wish list! Just picked up that new mat you just reviewed (sorry drawing blank at the name), but it is a wonderful addition to the litter box and really keeps the litter in one place and so easy to just dump it right back in the box.

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

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