Darn Yarn; Spiky; and Birdie Balls – Funtastic Cat Toys For Your Dear Felines

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One of the best seller cat products that the Cat Connection has offered the market would be cat toys. Here are some of the best seller cat toy items you don’t want to miss:

Darn Yarn Balls

Darn Yarn Balls – we all know that cats really do love yarn, they love catn
ips, and they’ll love you even more for giving them these Darn Yarn Balls!
Balls feature loops that cats can use to fling and zing them around the room! Contains catnip to drive your furries crazy! Darn Yarn Balls measure 1" and 1.5" in diameter and are imported.

This perfect cat toy would definitely get your kitties into chasing, pouncing and playing with their prey. Darn Yarn Balls have been designed to move like cats do – quietly, stealthily, quickly and effortlessly.

Spiky Ball – this spiky ball will absolutely drive your kitty crazy as it will provide terrific fun for and an endlessly enjoyment of swatting and chasing!
Spiky Ball
For added fun, leave the ball in a bag of catnip for a few days and watch your cat go berserk! Spiky Balls measures 2" in diameter.

Birdie Ball

Birdie Ball – flip your cat the Birdie Ball and watch the mayhem ensue! For all we know, cats love feathers and will go crazy picking it up and swatting it around the house! Birdie Ball’s feathers, string ball and rolling ac
tion will exercise your cat’s mind and body.

Even though cats are quick and agile hunters, many domesticated cats don’t get to exercise their basic instincts as often as they should. Birdie Balls measures 1.5" in diameter with a 3" feather tail.
All three cat toy items are sold separately at $2.99 only at Cat Connection.

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