Daily Ragdoll Photo: Velcro, our first Ragdoll

Post Published on May 28, 2010 | Last Updated on April 1, 2021 by Jenny

Velcro loves kibble
Velcro loves kibble

Velcro was a special cat.  She started out as the “runt” of the litter, but quickly made up for it.  Unlike Arlo, who would belt out the blues when the food bowl was empty, Velcro would “beep”.  We used to take Arlo and Velcro on car vacations.  The first time, we were totally shocked when this big Aretha Franklin voice rang out from the back seat.  That was Velcro, telling us that she wanted to be up front, looking out the window.  At night, she would chase the “ghost lights”, the odd reflections on the windows, from other car lights, and chase them.  She had lots of personality.  Arlo and Velcro were best of buds.

After 5 years, we noticed what looked like a bite on Velcro’s shoulder.  Her coat was so thick that we didn’t notice that this lesion was actually a huge tumor.  The tumor was centered on her shoulder, right where the vaccines were injected. Wikipedia Article on Vaccine-associated Sarcoma Our cats are indoors only, so we are very careful about which vaccines they receive. Talk to your breeder and your vet, then get a second opinion.

The vets referred us to a specialist, that recommended chemo.  Her shoulders were shaved, to expose the tumor.  We got a “hoodie” sweater, for a small dog, to keep her warm.  She was too big for cat clothing.  It was actually kind of cute, but I couldn’t bring myself to take a picture of it.  After two weeks of chemo, Velcro stopped eating and drinking.  She was a lover until the end.  She liked to put her paw out, and hold your finger.  This is how she passed.  That memory is too bitter sweet, so we would rather remember Velcro like this:

Velcro, our first Ragdoll
Don't you want to pet me


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7 thoughts on “Daily Ragdoll Photo: Velcro, our first Ragdoll

  1. Sue Rogers says:

    Hi Mike-
    I just wanted to tell you that I could NEVER get tired of your Ragdoll pictures. I enjoy them so much so please keep them coming. I’ve emailed Jenny on several occasions about your beautiful Ragdolls! Unfortunately i don’t live in a very large apartment. Two Ragdolls will be a stretch, but I had to have another to counter Bella’s negative personality. i feel so badly for her because none of the problems were her fault bur were the fault of her breeder. I have tried for 5 years to try and undo some of the damage, but at this point regardless of my approache, nothing changes and actually lately she has actually regressed. I am at my whit’s end.

    I am very excited about getting a little boy, Gail did tell me that boys tend to be more affectionate. I was coming out of a 20 year relationship with a generic female rescue who was he most incredibly affectionate cat Ihave ever had, so I never even gave it a thought when I got Bella. What I did learn from that experience was that the choice of Breeder is of utmost importance, and I state that for anyone who is thinking about getting their first Ragdoll.

    Take care,

  2. Sue Rogers says:

    Hi Mike,
    It really is nice to meet you. Jenny ,unless I am mistaken, that you are responsible for many of the incredible ragdoll photographs on the site.

    I do appreciate your feedback, and actually I am planning to get a new male Ragdoll in mid September, from Megailee Ragdolls. I can’t wait, however my greatest fear is that Bella will teach my already name Rags all of her antisocial ways. Bella does constanly demand attention but only visual. She does not want to be held or cuddled in any way, shape, or form. It will be in intersting experiment at the very least! Thanks again Mike.

    • mlawson says:

      Hi Sue,
      It is very nice to meet you, too. So far, I am the sole contributor to “Daily Ragdoll Photo”. I hope folks won’t get too tired of pictures of our Ragdolls. I had planned to visit Ragnificent Ragdolls, and take some more pictures of Wendy’s gorgeous cats, but I’ve had to stick around and take care of Arlo. I can’t believe how close we came to losing him. Anyway, I’ll try to find more Ragdolls to photograph. I keep offering to take pictures at the local rescue center, but they haven’t responded. After Taz gets his last round of shots, I think I’ll just show up with camera and flash, en tow. Ragdolls are a gorgeous breed, and I really do enjoy photographing them. Thanks for the kind words. 🙂

      I am excited for you! We have 2 Ragdoll boys, and 2 Ragdoll girls. We’ve noticed that the boys are a lot more affectionate. Taz will come up and tap me on the leg. That’s my sign to pick him up. He proceeds to lick my nose and ears for a bit, then settles down to lay on his back and purr. Arlo likes to be near, with at least a paw touching you. The only bad habit Arlo has, is chewing on crinkly plastic when he is frustrated. I guess he is a little vocal when he wants me to lie in bed and read for a bit. He likes to help with that, and get a few strokes while he is at it. The girls are affectionate, too, but on their own terms. You have to wait for them to approach you, at least that is how Abby and Velcro operate. I’ve been working on Abby. She will tolerate being held for a few minutes, especially, if there is dried bonita involved. Old Stormy, our rescue kitty, used to be a hissing, spitting, black hairball, hiding under the bed. Several years of working with her, and lots of good Ragdoll role models, and she has gotten down right sociable.
      Congratulations on your forthcoming new additon! Hopefully, we will see some pictures?

  3. Sue Rogers says:

    I just wanted to say assuredly you had a loving “Ragdoll Experience” with Velcro, although for far too short a time. It just doesn’t seem fair that our dearly loved pets are taken from us at such a young age. From a cat lover with a Ragdoll who was not socialized as a kitten, has a questionable genetic history, and therefore a totally atypical personality, I share in your grief but at the same time I can’t help but envy the loving relationship that you had with Velcro. Suffice it to say, Velcro will always have a special place in your hearts and I wish you the very best..

    • mlawson says:

      Hi Sue,

      Thanks for the kind words! We will always miss Velcro, but it gets easier as time goes by.

      Is your home a multi-cat house? If not, getting a second might help the dynamic a bit. When I married my wife, I also married Stormy. Stormy was used to living with a long haired chihuahua, named Tinker. When Stormy came to live with us, she became increasingly withdrawn, and a little destructive. We got Velcro to be her buddy. They never really bonded, but Stormy did become a lot more sociable. We got Arlo, to be Velcro’s buddy, and Stormy actually came out of her shell and started to demand attention. With 3 Ragdolls in the house, Stormy is really demanding. She spends her time on our bed, or behind my computer, where it is nice and warm, or sits behind us on the couch, just out of the poodle’s reach. Another Ragdoll would be a perfect roll model for your other cat. Who can resist a Ragdoll kitten? 🙂

      Thanks again, and I wish you the very best, too.

    • mlawson says:

      Hi Christina,

      Thanks! We had several names picked out ahead of time. Velcro wasn’t one of them. When we had to peel the cute little kitten off of my wife, like Velcro, the name really stuck. The Ragdoll kittens that I’ve met have so much personality, they tend to name themselves. The cat that you use as your profile picture, is gorgeous!

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