Daily Ragdoll Photo: Kahlua And Cream

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It is fairly easy to create dramatic photos on a budget.  This is a good example of a shadow box treatment.  Ragnificent Ragdolls Kahlua and Cream is a gorgeous cat, and the dark background treatment creates a simple and clean image.  There are more advanced methods of achieving this effect, using multiple light sources, but this was done very low budget.  It consists of a card board box, painted black inside, and some black felt, for a base.  An off camera light source works best.  I used a Alien Bees monolight shining down at about 45 degrees.  This set up cost less than a good on camera flash.  A good continuous light alternative is to use a clamp on shop light, with a day light (5500 degree kelven) fluorescent bulb, but the light will be a little harder.

Ragnificent Ragdolls - Kahlua & Cream
Ragnificent Ragdolls - Kahlua & Cream

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