Daily Ragdoll Photo: I’ve got Ragdolls on my mind.

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NorthWet Wedding 4
Mike and Belinda

Message from Jenny of Floppycats.com – Mike is an avid photographer and has asked if he can post a Daily Ragdoll Photo to the blog.  I thought it was a great idea.  This is Mike’s first post…

I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Mike.  I live with Belinda, my wonderful wife, two poodles, and four cats.  My wife and I were married in April of 2001, in a typical North Wet outdoor wedding. Both of us grew up in the South West and Midwest, where April and May outdoor weddings were common. No wonder the minister looked at us strangely when we said that we wanted an outdoor wedding.

When I married Belinda, I also married Stormy, a Bombay (American Short Hair, bred to look like a black panther).


My wife adopted Stormy while living in Wichita, Kansas. Stormy got her name by being able to predict storms. She is a bit high strung, and hates loud noises. We both work long hours, and Stormy, left to her own devices, became increasingly wiggy. We decided to get her a buddy. The local Petco had a pure bred rescue center, and we met a Ragdoll. He was very affectionate, and gorgeous. We talked about it, and decided that a Ragdoll would be perfect. Unfortunately, someone else had the same idea, and got there first. After an exhaustive search, we found a local breeder with Ragdoll kittens. When we met these kittens, one of them attached herself to Belinda, and when we left, we had to peel her off, well, like velcro. Velcro was very attached to my wife, but she was a little large to be a lap cat. Her favorite thing to do was to lay on the back of the couch, and rest herself on my wife’s head, becoming a large and fluffy cat hat.

I've got Ragdolls on my mind
Velcro and Belinda

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