Daily Ragdoll Photo: Arlo Cat Loaf 1.

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After a year, Velcro and Stormy still hadn’t bonded. It could have been because Velcro had a penchant for pouncing on poor old Stormy, or it could have just been an age difference thing. Anyway, we decided to get a second Ragdoll kitten, so that Velcro would have a buddy.

Arlo Cat Loaf 1

Arlo is a big floppy boy, and very affectionate. His singing voice earned him his name. At 4:00 in the morning, Arlo will do his best Arlo Guthrie imitation, announcing that the food bowl might be empty, and that I should go check, and while I’m up, he could use a few strokes. If he wasn’t such a sweet boy, it would be annoying.

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