Daily Ragdoll Photo: Abby – The Monster Under The Blanket

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Abby loves to play “Monster Under The Blanket”.  This image was taken speedlite on camera flash, using bounced flash, and a bounce card.  The light that bounces off of the ceiling is very soft, and eliminates shadows.  The bounce card redirects some of the flash directly at the subject for catch lights.

Abby - Monster Under The Blanket

This is a very different effect than direct flash, like Abby’s First Pose.  This image has no back lighting.

Abby's first pose
Abby's first pose

Which has a completely different feel from a fill flash photo.  In using fill flash, we balance the ambient light with that from the flash.

Abby contemplates the meaning of string
Abby contemplates the meaning of string

We will pick this up in a future post.  Happy Shooting!

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