Daily Ragdoll Photo: Abby Eyes 1


This is the first shot with really good color saturation in Abby’s eyes.  This shot was done with an Alien Bees B800 monolight, and a beauty dish.  There is a continuous softbox on the left side, and just a touch of rim lighting, but you really can’t see it, with this cropping.  I never get tired of taking pictures of Abby.  She’s so patient with me.

Abby Eyes 1
Abby Eyes 1

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  1. […] Abby and Taz, playing.  He can be a stinker, some times.  This is done on a bed, with a white fuzzy blanket, and white sheet covering the head board.  There is a softbox, with continuous light, on the left.  There are two strobes firing to the background, and one bare bulb in front. […]

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