Daily Ragdoll Photo: Abby Contemplates The Meaning Of String

Post Published on May 31, 2010 | Last Updated on July 15, 2021 by Jenny

Arlo - Play 3
Even Arlo is getting into the act

What is it about string, that so enchants our Ragdolls?  Strings, twines, and parachute cord, are very popular toys at our house.  Arlo was depressed, and in mourning, for several months, after we lost Velcro.  After Abby came home, she developed a penchant for playing with parachute cable.  Arlo soon picked up the habit, too.  A new kitten in the house, especially a cool Ragdoll, with lots of Abby-tude, can bring joy to the whole house hold.  Arlo and Abby still haven’t bonded as closely as Arlo and Velcro, but they are getting along better.  Who could resist Abby?

Abby contemplates the meaning of string
Abby contemplates the meaning of string

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