Daily Ragdoll Photo: Abby – Cat Loaf 1

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Abby is still my favorite model. She is ever so patient with me. She is going to the vet, Monday, to have her mysterious hair loss looked at. On both of her sides, there are places where she has lost most of her fur. It is probably nothing, but after losing Velcro to lymphoma, with the first indication being hair loss, we are a bit concerned. Hang in there sweetie. I hope it is just Taz, being over exuberant in bathing you.

Abby - cat loaf 1
Abby - cat loaf 1

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  1. What a beautiful animal! I love the way the blaze starts as a line but then bleeds into the one whisker pad forming an asymmetrical look to the face. And those eyes are perfect for the camera. I’m obsessed with Ragdolls lately and that is one gorgeous cat! I hope she’s OK and her hair loss is nothing.

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