D! Lightful Digs Luxury Cat Bed from Moderncatstudio.com

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D! Lightful Digs Luxury Cat Bed from ModernCatStudio.comD! Lightful Digs Luxury Cat Bed from ModernCatStudio.comThis stylish and ultra comfy kitty bed will provide your cat the warmth and comfort it wants so that they can have a nice sound sleep as well as a very elegant lounging area.

Each D! Lightful Digs Luxury Cat Bed is handmade.

These are exclusively created for Moderncat Studio. These beds for cats has an ultra plush bumper and it is reversible, so when you turn the fabric bed, it allows your cat to actually owns two beds. This is easy clean because it is machine washable for easy cleaning and it wont flatten out since as the fiberfill used is special. 

The back part is higher than the front, and this design makes it easier for the cat to go in and make themselves cosy on the other end of the bed. Moderncat Studio has brought together various designers to create unique cat furniture for your feline pet, harmonizing beauty and functionality. Every single item for sale is handcrafted and you can be assured that what you are providing your pet is one of the very best.

Specially made cat products can make your home more beautiful while providing for the needs of your pet. Want more Floppy Cats? Enter your email address to get Floppycats.com’s updates plus you’ll be eligible to win our monthly giveaway.
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