Cyber Monday Pet Deals

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As a blogger, many companies contact Floppycats to let us know about their deals and you know that I am a fan of couponing and deals!   If there are items in the Floppycats Holiday Guide Guide, you might be able to get them at a discount from one of the following sites.   So, just in case, you’re in the mood to shop today – here are the deals going on. Oh! And I will continue to update this page as I come across or am told about more deals.

FOOD/TREATS – Lots of great books like A Ragdoll Kitten Care Guide: Bringing Your Ragdoll Kitten Home can be read on a Kindle Fire – Today only, save $30 on Kindle Fire (with or without special offers). Enter promotional code FIREDEAL at checkout – Up to 50% off of everything but food.  3,000 products marked down – No code required.  Neko flies attachments are 20% off!!!

Only Natural Pet Store – $5 Gift Card for every order of $30 or more, use “CYBER” at checkout or 20% off your entire order with “HealthyPets20” – Free Shipping on any order with coupon code – “CYBERMONDAY” – 15% Off Everything with coupon code “SAVEBIG” – Receive 10% off your entire purchase with coupon code “cyberm”


ModaPet – Receive 25% off TODAY ONLY on ModaPet’s Website! Enter this code: HOLSAVE at checkout


Catpods – Free Shipping on their Package Deals for Cyber Monday Only.  There is also a HOLIDAY10 coupon for 10% Off as well as FLOPPYCATS10 for 10% off.  You can use these coupons with the free shipping.  The free shipping will be automatic and not a coupon.  All other items still have shipping but the cost of shipping has been lowered.

Moderncat Studio – Get 10% off your entire order today only with coupon code CYBERCAT.

These Creatures – Receive 20% off any order of $40 or more! One day only! use the code TCCYMON12 at checkout

Hepper – Get 20% Off of Everything – no coupon needed

Pet Fusion – Get 5% off plus FREE SHIPPING on the PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge now through December 15. Use discount code MODERNPF when purchasing on Amazon. (Borrowed from

Karma Scratch Log – Just $5!


Hepper – Get 20% Off of Everything – no coupon needed

The Refined Feline – Receive FREE SHIPPING on all cat furniture products. Enter discount code BKF2012 when checking out to receive free shipping!

Catty Stacks – Get 25% off plus $5 flat-rate shipping now through December 9 when you order four or more Catty Stacks. Use coupon code THX2012.

Do you know of additional discount codes for cat toys, cat scratchers, cat food or more?  Please list the details and the websites in the comments below!

Get 5% off plus FREE SHIPPING on the PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge now through December 15. Use discount code MODERNPF when purchasing at Amazon.

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      1. I got the kittenator and the kittycada – very excited to try them! I also picked up some Whole Life chicken treats while I was at it.

      2. NICE! I love love love the Kittenator, but we have never had the kittycada – so let me know which of the two you prefer – please! And no doubt the Whole Life was a great purchase!

      3. All wonderful deals! I will definitely let you know how the Neko Flies compare to each other once they’ve gotten good use, and which one turns out to be the favorite!

  1. Update on the Neko Flies I picked up!

    It turns out that Bento LOVES the Kittycada, and is AFRAID of the Foxifur Kittenator! Go figure! He likes to haul the Kittycada around in his mouth, which is just darling, but when he spots the Kittenator, he shies away from it. I think he doesn’t like the feeling of the fur in his mouth, because he starts chewing and “spitting” as though something is in his mouth, even when he is merely seeing the mouse.

    Anyway, if your kitties like feathers (or buggies), the Kittycada is amazing! It has super-realistic, low-to-the-floor gliding motion, which drives Bento crazy. Definitely worth the purchase to try out the movement.

    Thanks again for this Cyber Monday deals list, by the way!

      1. It seems it might be scent-related as well. He may even be allergic to it, as his eyes get watery and squinty if it is out for too long. Can cats have allergies like this? In any case, we took it away so that it can’t bother him.
        I wonder if anyone would like a very lightly-used Foxifur Kittenator. xD

      2. Yikes – yes, he can have allergies. Good thing to pull it away from him. Have you smelled it? Does it smell weird?

        You can post a photo on Facebook of it and offer it to someone or could take it to a local shelter?

      3. Goodness! Every time I reply, I’m not logged in! Fixed that. xD

        It has a bit of a smell to it, but nothing remarkable. I wonder what is in it that he could be reacting to…

        Shelter is a good idea! I’ll look into that, thanks!

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