Cuddly LucyFur

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Last night, I fell asleep in my spare room/office and didn't shut the door as I do with my bedroom. I don't let my cats sleep with me because they keep me awake, and my old Siamese cat peed on my bed twice. So that was that. So I slept in the spare bed and woke up with all 3 cats right there with me – one in the crook of my knees, one right near my belly, and most surprising was that Loo – who is not one to get real close – was curled up right next to my pillow! She let me put my arms around her and flopped over and was purring. She never lets me cuddle with her! She prefers to be near me, where I can reach her and pet her but not touching me. And sleeping next to my pillow – she wasn't touching me but she was right next to me, as usual. I loved it, my big fluffy girl

Kitty's Name: LucyFur (or just Loo)
Name: Jessy
Where: Denver, CO

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