CritterZone Air Purifier Travel Pack Review – Cat Odor Remover

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CritterZone Air NaturalizerI initially did a review on the The CritterZone Air Purifier Travel Pack Dec 3, 2013.

I have decided to re-run it because I really REALLY like how it eliminates odors and have also made a video with some cleaning instructions – which I have posted below.  I found out from Critterzone that regular cleaning is even more important when the CritterZone is around a litterbox (because of the extra dust particles, etc).

The CritterZone Air Purifier Travel Pack requires no filters, is chemical free and really does a great job at eliminating odor.  Woot woot!  One unit covers 800 square feet and consumes 3 watts of energy – less than a penny a day to operate.

The CritterZone is great to eliminate odor from:

  • pet areas
  • aquariums
  • ice hockey equipment
  • pet cages
  • litterbox areas

It also helps to eliminate:

  • allergens
  • dust

The CritterZone Air Purifier Travel Pack comes with:

  • A CritterZone corded Air Naturalizer (comes with a 10 ft electrical cord)
  • Car adapter/cigarette adapter (converts CritterZone corded Air Naturalizer for use in your vehicle)
  • A blue, velvet carrying bag to make it easier to take your CritterZone on roadtrips and vacations.
  • Holiday gift bag

When you first plug it in, it has a vague metallic smell.

Already have a CritterZone corded Air Naturalizer?  The car adapter is sold separately if you already have a unit.

BUY the CritterZone Air Purifier Travel Pack and use the discount code FLOPPYCATS to get $10 off.

Use Coupon Code “FLOPPYCATS” to get $10 OFF

Here is our arrival video, Ragdoll Cats Receive CritterZone Air Purifier to Review – ねこ – ラグドール – Floppycats

Here is our final review video:

People who have cats may notice some particles on and inside the unit after it has been used for awhile. This is the result of breaking down cat urine in the air. There are some simple, but important, steps that can keep the unit clean and running efficiently. The video is posted at this link, and you also can click on the document below the video for printable instructions.

CritterZone says you clean it as often as it needs it or every 3-4 weeks – here’s a video on how to clean:

Here are some reader questions that I got answers to:

“Does this suck air in and then blow it out? Or does it just release a scent? I wonder if it will get clogged with litter dust.”

For the air-flow question: Some air does flow into the unit, and then it becomes energized so it can remove the pollutants from the air. It doesn’t really suck the air in, though. There is a small fan, but the air flows in pretty naturally, based on the circulation in the room. You can use a fan in the room to improve circulation if needed, but it’s not usually necessary.

“What is the science behind the CritterZone?”

What the CritterZone is doing is re-energizing indoor air, giving it the ability to clean itself, just like outdoor air does with the energy it gets from the sun. The energized, naturally occurring ingredients in the air become active and start creating chemical reactions, breaking down contaminants.

Depending on the pre-existing air quality in your home, those reactions will give off different odors as the air works to clean itself.

The cool part is that any smell you notice initially is temporary. It just tells you the machine is doing its job and improving your air quality. How long it lasts depends on what the air quality in your home was like before you plugged in the CritterZone. As the air gets cleaner, those reactions we mentioned earlier will slow down.

A couple tips: If that initial smell is too much for you, you could run a fan in the room where it is plugged in for a bit. You also can try turning it down. To do that, move the switch to the far right.

The CritterZone Corded Unit (not the travel pack) sells on Amazon for $89.95.

As Ingrid on The Conscious Cat points out, The CritterZone does omit a little bit of ozone: The FDA requires ozone output of indoor medical devices to be no more than 0.05 ppm. The Critterzone produces less than 0.01 PPM of ozone.

There are lot of CritterZone reviews on Amazon as well.

BUY the CritterZone Air Purifier Travel Pack and use the discount code FLOPPYCATS to get $10 off.

We received the CritterZone Air Purifier Travel Pack for review from the manufacturer.  Receiving the free product did not influence this post.

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