CritterZone Air Naturalizer Price Reductions


CritterZone Air NaturalizerAt the end of 2013, we reviewed the CritterZone Air Naturalizer.  I recently unplugged it to clean it.  And well, when I was scooping the litter box today, I could certainly tell the difference of no CritterZone Air Naturalizer!  It really helps with getting rid of that strong amonia smell that can come from litterboxes.

If you have a problem with litter box smells, then you might be interested in the CritterZone Air Naturalizer.  You can read our CRITTERZONE TRAVEL PACK review here and/or check out our video below.

Recently, CritterZone announced a price reduction on their

The price of the CritterZone Wall Unit and CritterZone Corded Unit is now $99.* The Travel Pack is available at $114.95*.

Save $10 when you use Coupon Code “FLOPPYCATS”.  So when you use the coupon code, each one becomes:

*Tax, shipping not included

Have you ordered one of these and used it for awhile?  What do you think?

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  1. Since you haven’t had any ozone problems with this, I’m going to order one next month. I have three litter box stations, but there’s no window in the guest bathroom. P-U. That’s one way to encourage guests not to overstay their welcome =).

    1. Ha ha ha on the guest bathroom.

      I do not know what an ozone problem is – unless you’re talking about those black spots?

      I just did a video on how to clean it too – should be releasing in the next few days – riveting footage on that one =)

      1. Yes, the black spots =). I initially wrote “black spots” but it sounded horrific, so, sooper sekrit spy that I am, I wrote in code. Do you think there’s a second career for me with an intelligence agency since no one has any idea what I’m talking about?? Don’t answer.

        Gathering popcorn and M&Ms for the impending release of your new action thriller =).

      2. Settling down in home theater–recliner with lap top that is about to explode–with a surly tortie crowd to watch. Already the tension is mounting.

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