Creme de la Cat – Cat Toys, Cat Beds, Holiday Gifts, Gifts For Cat Lovers reader, Sue, shared with me a website that she loves for shopping for her kitties.  It’s called Creme de la Cat – you can check it out at

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Giggling Plush Carrot
Giggling Plush Carrot $8.99

Creme de la Cat features cat toys, cat beds, holiday gifts, gifts for cat lovers, catnip toys and more.  Creme de la Cat is out of Woodstock, GA and was started by Ron and Terry Coleman and Lori Cannon.  As cat lovers, Ron, Terry and Lori wanted to create a business that revolved around the cat toys and products that their kitties already loved.  So all the products on their site have been approved by their own kitties!  Terry added, “Kitty playtime is so important for the health and well-being of our cats and we are proud to offer an array of toys to delight any feline. Toys that are “cat-tested” by our very own furbabies!”

Caterpillars by Pet Candy
Caterpillars by Pet Candy $7.99

Interested in checking out Creme de la Cat?  As a special bonus for, Creme de la Cat is offering a special promo code of 10% off when you order using the promo code:  FLOPPYCATS.

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One thought on “Creme de la Cat – Cat Toys, Cat Beds, Holiday Gifts, Gifts For Cat Lovers

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