Crazy Things I Say to My Cat and Why

Ragdoll Cat CharlieCrazy Things I Say to My Cat and Why

A reader, Jerri, has a kitty, Dusty, that has had UTI issues for years. Jerri and I were emailing and she was saying how well Dusty was doing, “Everyone here is good! I’ve been watching Dusty like a hawk since it’s been 4 months since his last UTI, but so far so good. He’s probably tired of me watching him go pee in the litter box and praising him when he’s done. LOL I also go around asking him how his “pee-er” is feeling. I really am the crazy cat lady. ”

It made me laugh, “Hey Dusty, how’s your pee-er?” and then said we should do a post of “Crazy Things I say to My Cat and Why”!

So, here it is – what are some crazy things you say to your kitty and why?

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25 thoughts on “Crazy Things I Say to My Cat and Why

  1. Norette Mackler says:

    Foul language, does that tend to happen when Charlie is meowing excessively ?
    I love how you talk to your cats & would love to hear the crazy things that don’t make it to youtube !

    • Jenny says:

      =) I use cuss words in a friendly way – sorry, they won’t be making it to YouTube or anywhere else. Some things will always remain private =)

  2. plmcat says:

    this is so fun, i love reading everyone’s “kitty talk”. i forgot about the “smell”. yeah they all seem to know that. and i love yours amber.. out!out! brief candle! that’s awesome!

  3. Christy says:

    I often call him “Dude”. I guess because I’m from California?!

    “Dude, seriously?!”. Usually around midnight when he decides it’s the perfect time to sit out on the balcony and meow-bellow.

    “psssspsssspssss”. When he’s in a playful mood he’ll give me a very particular look. I’ll repeat it over and over and he runs around the house even crazier than normal often wanting to have a game of chase. (it’s like psssst but without the “t” and then repeated repeatedly”.

    “I got it!!”. When he won’t quit pawing his litter box which is his signal to me to come pick up what he left. Immediately!

    “GET. OUT.” When he dares to cross the line into the kitchen. He goes flying when he hears that. (probably because he knows that I typically have a spray bottle in hand when I say it!)

    “Don’t be a d!&*!” When he’s staring Yoda down and on the precipice of hitting/biting/humping her.

  4. Amber Marie Wallace says:

    Gypsy likes to follow me into the bathroom but when I go to leave she likes to try and stay. It started out with me saying. “Out!Out!” But me being the nerd I am I love Shakespeare so it didn’t take long for “Out!Out!” To become “Out!Out! brief candle!” From Macbeth. So one of her silly names is brief candle.

  5. Teresa Reid says:

    So funny! Call Miss Gracie is “sweet baby Grace” because that has always been her nickname since she was a baby. Illaria is called, Miss Illaria Rose Peabody when she is in her finery dressed up like a church-lady for photos. When she is just being her sweet little innocent self, will talk to her softly while scooping her up in my arms for kisses and hugs and call her my little Puddie-Pie because she is so soft, innocent, huggable and precious with those big, blue eyes and so absolutely fuzzy. Talk to Miss Mari using clicker training and she responds well and knows actual words like sit, up, down, jump and smell. They all know what the word “smell” means. Illaria knows what the word ice cream means and always responds joyfully to jump up in my lap when I call out that word. Calling out “kitty kats” (treats) makes all of them come running. A lot of the time, we communicate without any words at all. Feel that is the deepest and most wonderful communication of all because they respond in kind with head butts, rubs and throwing themselves over on their side to receive more rubs and cuddles.♥♥♥

  6. plmcat says:

    geez how embarassing.. haha! when i come home the first thing i do is say loud “boo boo cats, boo boo cats, how’s my boo boo cats?!” at night i ask them if they are ready to go to bed. i say “ready to go nigh nites?” they know that really well. when my grey tabby “tc small” (or smalley, as i call him) gets the crazies (which is usually every night) i say “smalley is a crrrrrraaazyyyyy man!” i say his name a lot in the morning too when he starts trying to get me up as soon as he hears the first bird talking. and he does it by trying to make the other cats get up by biting them and making them yell. then i say things i can’t say here.. haha! i also tell them while i hold them close and spin around in a circle “i love you to pieces and pieces and more and more pieces!”

      • Lou-Lou says:

        Same here with the “let’s go nigh nites” to Simon&Cosmo, every nite. It’s so cute how they understand what we mean. I truly believe they have that Sixth Sense and it works so well! They’re are so many stories I could tell but it would forever! Lol.

  7. Patti Johnson says:

    Great idea for a post, Jenny! Let’s see the following crazy things are said to our Miss Pink Sugarbelle on a regular basis:

    1. Each morning when she greets me when I wake up, I ask her “How’s my little Boot Scoot McGoop this morning?” (I have no idea why I say this. One morning I just started doing it and now it’s a habit. I have no clue where that little nickname came from as it just rolled off my tongue one day and stuck with me.)

    2. Throughout the day we praise her and tell her what a good girl she is. Her daddy will ask her “What’s my precious Sugar Cookie Girl up to? Hmmmmm?” She adores being talked to her by her most favorite person in the whole world…Her Daddy.

    3. Her Daddy will also ask her, “Is it time for Chicken Puddin’?” (That’s what we call the hairball gel that he gives her each day after he cleans out any “dirties” from her eyes, nose and ears. She will jump up on his lap around the same time each day and stare at him and then he’ll ask her That Question. She will endure the grooming examination very patiently on his lap as she knows she’s going to get some Chicken Puddin’ when it’s all over.)

    4. When I get ready to go scoop her litterbox (a twice daily task) I’ll grab a small trash bag and find her and say to her “Time to Scoopida the Poopida!” and wave the trash bag over my head. She will then scamper into the den (being sure to beat me in The Big Race!) where we keep her litterboxes to supervise my activity. 🙂

    We are obviously Crazy Cat Folk.

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugardoodles 🙂 <3

    • RagdollCatMom says:

      Oh, I’m rolling in tears about “scoopida the poopida!” I’m Dusty’s mom, and I don’t feel so bad about asking how his pee-er is feeling now. 🙂

    • TAT says:

      So great! I am not sure why but I think it makes scooping the pan a bit more fun, when it is time for the pans to be scooped, I sing a cheer ( scoop the poop scoop scoop the poop) over and over until I am done, they all come running and have to go one more time and I say thank you for your deposit and continue sings scoop the poop!
      I guess I to am part of the crazy cat club. I talk to my cats also they love it ,sometimes my husband who is hard of hearing says what, and I tell him I was talking to the cats he says oh Ok but I love my ragdolls and they love to be talked to. Hugs to you and your dolls. Terrie. aka TAT

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