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Youtube everyone knows that cats just love to sleep, but sometimes they may find it hard on wondering just where to sleep as they might be seeking extra warmth if they are still very small, when the weather is cold, or if they are feeling unwell. The Crater Dot is a stylish and comfortable piece of unique cat furniture that you and your feline would just love to have in your home. It is suitable to be used as lounge and a bed, and has an extra feature that is beneficial to your pet. 

Crater Dot from SleepyPod.comThese kinds of beds for cats will keep your cat warm in an innovative and efficient way as the SleepyPod Warmer Kit can be easily installed into the Crater Dot by placing it in the pocket base so your cat can be feel all cozy and warm. It has a polyester plush dot design that gives your cat a luxurious cat nap and this fabric is also easy to clean. These beds for cats come in five vibrant colors such as: blossom pink, mossy green, lunar grey, orange dream, and lavender field.

The Crater Dot from SleepyPod is one of the best beds for cats and it’s functional design has made it won the Pet Business Industry Recognition 2009 award and the Editor’s Choice Award Winner 2010 for Pet Business. 

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