Cozy Cat Furniture by Modern Cat Designs

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Tall Modern Cat Condo Color: Beige

As you have likely noticed your cat loves your furniture. It can even come to a point that your cat has dibs on your favorite chair or position on the couch. Thankfully there is something you can do about the situation. Supply your cat with their own unique cat furniture.

There are several items to choose from. The good news is that your cat is not stuck with the same old square type furnishings that have been around for years. Modern Cat Designs have come up with ultra modern designs for cat furniture that would be comfortable in your home or in the Museum for Modern Art.

Take for instance the Tall Modern Cat Condo. It consists of two cylinders one high, and one low for your cat to explore, lounge around in and use as one of their favorite cat perches. There is a low center of gravity so a large cat will not tip it over. It is steel reinforced and there are many sound and sturdy scratch pads for your cat's activity.

So ditch those old, tired kitty condo designs and treat your cat to a modern delight. They will appreciate the thoughtfulness of a modern work of art that seconds as a perfect place to nap. Get her out from under the couch and into her own condo.


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