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Couponing is a great way to save money, especially in harder times! Vet bills and what not can become crazy expensive, so it is good to save money where you can with your pets!

Petco’s and Petsmart’s Store Circular (Specials) are bi-monthly–meaning they only come out every two weeks and they last for two weeks. So unlike your local grocery store or your local pharmacies, you don’t have to worry about rushing over to get the deals as they will be around for quite some time!

Links to Petco’s Store Circular and Petsmart’s In-store Specials are below.

So check back here regularly to look for deals. Or contact if you have any suggestions.

Refund Cents, one of the websites readers go to often, it offers very valuable savings insight from women and men that have been savings hundreds of dollars a month for years. There is everything from a complete list of current cpns from Sunday papers (all the inserts–like Red Plum, SmartSource and P&G), how do double your deals at CVS Pharmacy and Walgreens as well as other stores. There are a number of subscription options, like $30 for two years of access to the website! No matter what subscription option you choose, you will earn your money back in no time at all (probably about 1 week) through the knowledge you acquire from this site. Since the website is subscription based, there is a link below, if you’re interested in signing up for it. Or contact if you have suggestions.

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Refund Cents

CVS Deal 7-5-09 reader, Heather, made the transactions (pictured) and reported back her results to us. Heather swears by Refund Cents’ Centsible Chat in order to get the best deals.



Here’s what’s in the photo:

10 febreze noticables at $6.50/ea
4 febreze sprays at $5/ea
4 febreze air effects at $3/ea
9 Bic Soleil Razors at $2.99/ea
6 CVS tape at $1.49/ea
3 CVS pencil sharpeners at $0.99/ea
2 CVS Pantiliners at $0.89/ea
3 Meow Mix Wholesome Goodness Food at $0.29/ea (on Clearance)
2 Colgate Toothpaste at $3.49/ea
1 Chili Powder at $0.99/ea

Total before Cpns = $146.44

Cpns Used: (all the products were purchased in 5 transactions in order to use $3/$15 and $4/$20 purchase cpns)

4 – $3/$15 = -$12.00
1 – $4/$20 = -$4.00
10 – $4 off Febreze Noticables = -$40.00
4 – B1 Febreze Spray G1 Febreze Air Effects ($3.00) Free = -$12.00
9 – $3.00 off Bic Soleil = -$27.00
2 – $1.00 off Colgate = -$2.00
1 – $0.50 off Febreze Spray = -$0.50

Total Cpns = $97.50

Total CVS Extracare Bucks Used = $48.29

Total Out-of-pocket = $0.65 ($.04 was MO Sales Tax), a savings of 99.6%

Heather says she couldn’t have done this without reading Refund Cents’ Centsible Chat.

Oh and her Extracare bucks back on the two cards was:
$13.61 profit – $0.65 (Out-of-pocket actual cash cost) = $12.96 PROFIT

CVS Cat Litter reader, Susan, made the following deal at CVS because of reading Refund Cents’ Centsible Chat. Susan was so excited to save for her cat in this way.

“When I read on Refund Cents’ Centisble Chat about the CVS Cat Litter, I couldn’t get out the door fast enough to get some litter! I had plenty of ExtraCare bucks saved up.

Here’s what I did:

25 Pet Central Litter for 69 cents each. = $17.25
8 Wet Ones Travel Packs clearance for 19 cents/ea = $1.52 (not pictured)
3 Miracle Bubbles for clearance for 9 cents/ea = $0.27 (not pictured)
1 Bubble Set for clearance for 50 cents/ea = $0.50 (not pictured)
2 CVS Pocket Tissues = $0.99 (not pictured)
2 Gold Emblem Almonds at 99 cents/ea = $1.98 (not pictured)

Coupons Used:

CVS Coupon for $1 off a WetOnes Purchase
CVS Coupon for $1 off any CVS Tissue
CVS Coupon for $1 off 2 Gold Emblem Nuts
$5 ExtraCare Bucks (ECB)
$2.99 ECB
$8.56 ECB
$3.97 ECB


Subtotal: $0.38
Tax: $1.40
Total Paid: $1.78

That’s 7 cents a jug!! That’s some freakin’ cheap cat litter!”

Congrats, Susan. We are glad we could introduce you to Refund Cents.

Another website readers visit on an almost daily basis is A lady in New York state goes to CVS almost on a daily basis watching for deals at CVS. She gets a lot of stuff for free and saves bundles! So her deals work for toiletries, some household goods and even cat food! If you are interested in saving money at CVS be sure to sign up for her email list as she will provide a lot of insight on how to save! Or contact if you have any suggestions.

Be sure to check out current HOT DEALS that are available for pet store companies online! – Search for Coupons!

Before you head to the store, visit The site shows you what coupons are available and where to find them – whether they were in a Sunday insert, a blinkie at a store or an Internet coupon. The site even lets you know what coupons are coming in future Sunday inserts.

Great money saving websites!

More Couponing on

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  1. […] by Jenny on February 8, 2010 There are many hot deals on the Internet these days. With so many retailers competing for your business, there seems to always be a better deal out there. Below are a number of deals currently online. This page is updated regularly because believes that you need to save in all aspects of your life, in order to make sure you can provide for your pets financially as well as emotionally! Please also check out our page on couponing. […]

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