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CritterZone Air NaturalizerWe are in the process of reviewing, the CritterZone, an Air Naturalizer. The goal of the CritterZone is to remove dust, allergens, and unpleasant smells from the surrounding air, allowing you and your furry friend to enjoy clean air. Much of the air in our houses becomes stagnant because there is little flow within these areas. In a way, CritterZone’s Air Naturalizer works to revitalize these areas. So far I have been quite impressed with the CritterZone’s ability to neutralize smells.  I work in the basement, where Charlie and Trigg’s litterboxes are located (4 in all) and scoop them daily – but do not remove the waste from the room but every Sunday (trash days are on Mondays).  So, there’s a lot of “waste” that is left in trash can – I can’t smell a thing.  It’s amazing.

The CritterZone just came out with a Travel Pack, where you can plug the CritterZone into a cigarette car lighter.  So, not only can you use it in your home, but also in your cat. The Travel Pack includes the aforementioned Air Naturalizer, an adapter cord for your car, and a blue carrying case made of velvet so you can easily grab it when on the go. This set usually goes for around $110 but when you use the code we provided, you get $10 off.

Use the coupon code FLOPPYCATS at checkout to get $10 off.

I really love that the CritterZone isn’t about putting more scent into the air to mask another – it’s literally about neutralizing.  Watch for our review soon!

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