Copenhagen Cat Scratcher by Ree-Yong

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Copenhagen Cat Scratcher by Ree-YongIf you are interested in getting quality cat scratch furniture, take the time to look at the Copenhagen Cat Scratcher by Ree-Yong. It is definitely a level up from the old-style cardboard cat scratcher, as it comes with catnip and can serve the dual purpose as a cat doormat.

The Copenhagen Cat Scratcher is not too large, measuring a mere 47 x 12 x 4cm. The base is covered with faux leather and is available in the color white or brown. This item can be bought as a stand-alone product or can be a part of the Copenhagen Cat Condo ensemble, which is the stylish range of cat furniture created by Ree-Yong.

Ideal for felines that are horizontal scratchers, the cardboard scratcher is replaceable. Cats like grooming their nails this way, make them less sharp, and also serves to satisfy their digging instinct. If your pet has just come from their litter box, they can use this as a stepping pad so that the kitty litter will get wiped off their paws and you will have an easier time keeping your home clean. 
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